Keeping Warm with Five New Quizzes

greek island

Hello! Are you freezing? I am! Texas is unusually cold today (after getting up to the mid 80s earlier this week), and I’m actually writing this post with fingerless gloves on. Needless to say, I’ve been quite cold and dreaming of warmer times and places. I don’t know why, but Greece popped into my head, so I decided to write a Greek Island quiz: What Greek Island Should You Visit?

During this time of year, I take comfort in bath and beauty products. There’s nothing more comforting than my favorite scents, lotions, and bath bombs. I found some cute beauty themed images and thought a quiz about lotion scents could be fun. What Scent Lotion Are You?

Do you ever watch the show Parks and Recreation? I am an avid fan (I love Aubrey Plaza!), and on a recent episode they were discussing the idea of “spirit dogs.” I thought this would make a cute quiz, so I picked a few dog breeds with interesting personalities: What’s Your Spirit Dog?

How are you surviving the holidays? So far so good for me… I’m trying to keep it mellow. I’m probably going to do less shopping than usual this year, but of course, I still will do some. If you’re planning on shopping, you may enjoy my new quiz: What’s Your Holiday Shopping Style?

When you think of the holidays, do you have a specific scene or two that you picture in your mind? I know I do. It usually involves a tree and my childhood home. I thought it would be fun to tap into what we like the holidays to look like with The Holiday Scene Test. I loved the images for this quiz, and I wish the artist had more of them 🙂

Until next week! Stay warm if you’re somewhere cold, and if you’re somewhere warm, enjoy it for me!


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Green Tea (not structured, orderly, or traditional except with holidays, birthdays, and fun days like Halloween and sometimes peaceful but not against fighting/violence when needed)
Hip Santa’s Helper/Savings Shopper

That happens to me so much with quiz results too – sometimes more aspirational than actual! It’s key lime season here in Austin, so I definitely had lime on the brain when creating those results 🙂

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