The Hungriest Week


This week I totally have hunger on the brain. I’m excited for the new Hunger Games movie, and I’m hungry for Thanksgiving treats 🙂 After getting many Hunger Games suggestions over the years, I finally wrote my first two Hunger Games quizzes for Blogthings – What Hunger Games Character Are You? and What’s Your Hunger Games Name?. If you happen to be a fan of the movies or books, I think you’ll enjoy these.

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner for those of us in America, I’ve definitely had food on the brain. Look for more food themed quizzes next week, but I thought I would start things off with a grocery store quiz: What Grocery Store Are You? This one was a little tricky for me to write, since grocery stores vary a lot both nationally and internationally. I stuck to stores that are available across a wide part of the United States so that people wouldn’t say “What’s H-E-B? What’s Harris Teeter?” etc 🙂

I know that they aren’t exactly fall food, but I couldn’t help but write a grape themed quiz this week – What Color Grape Are You? I’m crazy about grapes, fruit quizzes, and color quizzes. I wasn’t sure if people would like this quiz, but it seems to be a fan favorite already. I also thought wine fans might like it. (I’m more of a mead drinker myself!)

Still enraptured by fall, I felt like writing a quiz about fall fragrances. What’s Your Fall Fragrance Personality? can tell you what sort of candle to light this fall or what perfume / cologne type you should be looking for.

Finally, I noticed that a lot of people on Facebook were posting a new map of the “regions” of the United States. It’s always interesting to think about regional differences, so I threw together this quiz: What US Region Are You? I enjoyed writing it so much that I think I may do a more comprehensive one with even more regions some day. As someone who was from the Mountain West and now from Texas, I’m never quite sure where I belong 🙂

4 replies on “The Hungriest Week”

Haymitch and Cinna Trinket
Purple Grape (I’m not as competent as I’d like to be due to my laziness)
Traditional Fall Fragrance
Midwest/West (midwest slightly more so being I’m not optimistic and feel like the world is my oyster)

I took the fragrance test and got “Your Fall Frangrance is Traditional”–the description is pretty much right, I think, and I love the scent of vanilla ALL the time! (Apples and pumpkins are nice smells, too. :))

And I took the grape test (because hee!!), and got “You are a Purple Grape”, which is flattering and yes, I am eccentric, I think!

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