2000s Stereotypes + Four More New Quizzes


Do you remember the 2000s? Gosh, I hope so! They weren’t that long ago 😉 I decided to celebrate the decade we haven’t quite named yet this week with a quiz: What’s Your 2000s Stereotype? It’s probably the least retro quiz I’ve written about the past, but I still had fun with it.

Whenever the weather cools, I start to think about getting away a bit. I love exploring cities in the fall. Some of my favorite autumn cities are in Europe, so I just had to write another European quiz. If you like the romance of Europe, you’ll like: What Romantic European City Are You?

Sometimes a quiz seems like such a good idea that I can’t believe I haven’t written it already. That’s how I felt about this week’s quiz: What Meal Are You? I mean, we all love meals and food. I’m sure there’s a meal that we identify with more than others. I used to be a solidly dinner person, but I think I’m more breakfast these days.

I figured I’d throw a more serious quiz in the mix this week, and what’s more serious than money? I love research about how people spend and save, because I think we’re all so different. I think these money differences are what make talking about money so taboo. No matter what our own money habits are, we always know someone who deals with money in a way we consider crazy. Take my quiz to see how you handle money: What’s Your Money Type?

Finally, I still feel inspired by fall, as the leaves are just still beginning to change down here in Austin. I found the perfect fall image set, and turned it into a quiz: The Funky Leaf Test

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4 replies on “2000s Stereotypes + Four More New Quizzes”

Got dinner then breakfast by going back and changing a couple answers, neither describes me
Protector and pleaser somewhat
Down To earth/Unique

I took the meal quiz and got “You are Lunch”–I don’t know if it’s all true, but I do home I’m finding a good balance! Also I took the leaf test and got “You are Joyful”–I hope it’s some true, I am pretty optimistic on the whole. 🙂

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