Five New Quizzes This Week – Happy November Tea Sipping Weather!

I was both indirectly and directly inspired by fall this week!
I was both indirectly and directly inspired by fall this week!

I’m so happy it’s November! I know that some people don’t like it when the days get shorter, but I do. I love the cold dark nights I spend drinking tea and writing quizzes. I really savor this time of year, and I think my quizzes are inspired by it.

Do you like fall enough to live in it year round? Maybe another season? Take my newest quiz, What Season Could You Live in All Year?, to see what season would be best for you to live in. I am pretty sure I’d be content living in fall or winter year round!

One of the more interesting things about fall is how fashion changes. Dramatic looks fit better, even in the daytime. The evolution of fall looks, especially makeup looks, inspired me to write The Smokey Eye Test. This quick image quiz will tell you what your drama style is.

As I mentioned before (and in many previous blog posts), I love drinking tea. I’m enough of a weirdo to drink it when it’s warm out, but I so prefer a cup of tea when it’s chilly. I have been drinking a lot of extra tea these days, and that inspired my quiz: What Color Tea Are You?

Fall is one of my favorite times for catching up on housework. When it’s cold and dark out, I finally get bored enough to do some extra chores around the house. I don’t love doing housework, but I love the results. If you agree, you might like my quiz: What Kind of Housework Are You?

Not exactly fall related, but I find that a lot of people I know are going through a career or education change right now. If you’re currently reevaluating your options – or even looking for a side project – you should take Where Do Your Talents Lie?

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Autumn (I don’t think long term and I’m not serious most of the time)
Unintentional, undramatic, and some passionate
Green Tea
Vaccuming (I actually do have a habit of procrastinating)
Creativity and technology somewhat

I took the tea quiz and got “You are Red Tea”, which is cool–but I never drink red tea, I mostly drink green tea! (I know, not the point. I just found it amusing. :))

Also I did the housekeeping test, and got “You are Vacuuming”, and it’s not far off–I’m more into organizing and dusting, but vacuuming is good!

I am a big green tea fan as well! The only thing I like about red is that it tastes good with a long steep – sometimes I get distracted and steep my green too much, which is not nice.

You Could Live in Autumn
You are the type of person who loves to think long term. You are big on deliberation.
Autumn is the perfect time for deep thinkers like you. You enjoy the beautiful colors and the crisp weather.

You are a serious person, and you like that everyone is getting down to business in the fall.
You feel a surge of energy as the cool weather returns. Everything is better in the fall – clothes, books, movies, and food!

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You Are Vacuuming
You probably don’t enjoy cleaning as much as the result. You are bugged by a messy home.
Unlike some people, you aren’t a clean freak. You have a short routine to freshen up your home, and that includes vacuuming.

You are the type of person who can be depended on, and you don’t put off tasks. You hate procrastinating.
You may not enjoy the idea vacuuming, but you love the feeling of being productive. And once you get started, you do have fun!

You Are Black Tea

You are a driven, career-focused type. And you need a lot of caffeine to get started with your day.
You are an independent self-starter. You impress others with your ability to be flexible and agile.

Even though you have intense goals, you are easy going and charming with others. You are mild-mannered and quietly confident.
Just like black tea, you can be many different things to many different people. No one should attempt to pigeonhole you.

Your Drama Style is Undramatic

You don’t have a dramatic bone in your body, and honestly, you just don’t get drama queens.
You prefer to live a life that’s calm and carefree. Yes, bad things happen, but it’s not worth getting worked up about them.

When things get crazy in life, you don’t get worked up – you get curious. You are ready to investigate and solve problems.
Although you don’t believe in drama, it doesn’t mean you’re not fun. You’ll break the rules when the time is right!

Your Talents Lie in Creativity

Even when things seem insurmountable, you refuse to get stuck in a rut. You prefer to look for innovative solutions.
You are imaginative and dreamy to the point of being unrealistic. That’s okay; the world could use more dreamers.

You are an original and unexpected thinker. You like to try things that others don’t believe are possible.
It may take a bit to get others to buy into your ideas, but you eventually win out. You are very influential and persuasive

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