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Have you ever taken an inkblot test or a Rorschach test? I don’t believe I have ever taken one, but I have seen many inkblot tests depicted in films and television. It’s interesting to me that this old form of psychological testing is still so prevalent in entertainment, even though I don’t think it’s used much by actual psychologists any longer. I think many of us believe that the things we might seek in inkblots or other abstract images says quite a bit about us.

I did some research on the Rorschach test when writing this quiz, and I found some really interesting information. Inkblot tests are primarily used in the United States, and forensic psychologists still use them relatively often. I guess that may be why inkblot tests come up in TV and film… they are a part of a crime thriller story line.

The most interesting thing I learned is that while some inkblot test answers are cross cultural, many inkblot test answers are region specific. When people from some countries see bats, people from other countries see butterflies. More revealing is the fact that Americans tend to see humans when other people from other countries see various animals.

I wanted to write my own Rorschach or inkblot test because I’ve never had the chance to take one. If you are in a similar situation, then check out: The Inkblot Test. There are many possible outcomes for this quiz, so see how you compare to everyone else! Comment below and let me know what you got.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Inkblot Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you ever taken an inkblot test? Did you enjoy taking it?
  3. Do you think inkblot tests are accurate? Why or why not?
  4. Take How Quirky Are You? What do you think of your result?

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Somehow I didn’t notice this one the day it came out

1. You Are Balanced and Thoughtful (not my first result but it describes me better than the others)
2. No, don’t care to
3. Depends on the person and their current state
4. 68% or 70%

1. You Are Balanced and Thoughtful. Pretty true. My relationship with my dad is better now that I’m older though
2. Sure, they’re fun
3. *shrugs* Mine seemed pretty accurate haha
4. Your Quirk Factor: 57%. lol cool

I can’t even take this test properly, because no matter how much I squint, that second blot doesn’t look anything like a person to me!

I got 60% quirky, and yeah, at least, I think. 🙂 (I don’t know how well I hide it, though!)

Hahaha! I guess with a real ink blot test you get to say whatever is on your mind, which would probably be more accurate. I should figure out a way to program fill in the blanks for some quizzes 😉

1. Driven and Focused. view people with optimism…many meaningful relationships in your life…deal with stress in a fairly normal way..usually able to neutralize your emotions…person who knows how to get a lot done. However, sometimes you can’t help but get overwhelmed by life.
2. I think I own an ink blot game. Oh, yeah!
3. I guess you can get a sense of some things about a person. But I think dream analysis might be more telling and simply talking would be even better. But what do I know about it.
4. 57% You’re a pretty quirky person, but you’re just normal enough to hide it. Congratulations – you’ve fooled other people into thinking you’re just like them!

You are Energetic and Bright

You view people with optimism. You have many meaningful relationships in your life.

You had more conflict with your father than your mother. Your relationship with him was healthy but challenging.

You deal with stress in a fairly normal way. Stress presents a struggle for you, but you’re usually able to neutralize your emotions.

You are a natural multitasker. You enjoy being busy, even if the amount of things you need to do is overwhelming.

True enough! But I fought with my mother a little bit more! I mean, my dad was the person who encouraged me to go to international school, and pushed me into opportunities and set me free and my mother was very driven and protective of my sisters and me. Inkblot tests are “eh” for me. They show how to provide scary accurate answers without actually having to answer questions about the actual topic itself, if you know what I mean!

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