New Quiz: What Kind of Food Cart Are You?

four food carts
Which food cart should you go to? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Do you like eating at food carts? I think they can be fun. Some of they are really good, and I like that the low overhead for them makes them very creative at times. My city has a lot of food trucks and food carts, and I’ve really enjoyed sampling them over the years. I’m lucky enough to have a breakfast food truck near me, as well as taco, donut, and sandwich carts nearby. Closer to down town, there are all sorts of interesting food carts and trucks – including one devoted to just guacamole. (So crazy!)

My favorite way to go to food trucks and carts is to find a bunch close to each other. That way everyone can eat whatever they want, and you can even sample a little something from each one. I first saw this in dense cities like New York and DC, but now even in Austin you can find a food trailer park full of different food stalls, trucks, and carts. These are super fun places that often include free live music, movies, and fresh farm produce.

The sheer fun of summer food carts inspired my latest quiz:  What Kind of Food Cart Are You?  (food truck quiz to come, I’m sure!) Let me know what you get on this one below, and let me know if you enjoy food carts in general.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Kind of Food Cart Are You? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you ever eaten at a food cart? What sort of things have you eaten from them?
  3. What’s your favorite dining out experience? Family restaurant? Chain restaurant? High end? Take out? Food truck / cart?
  4. Take What Comfort Food Are You? What do you think of your result?

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13 replies on “New Quiz: What Kind of Food Cart Are You?”

1. You Are a Crepe Food Cart. I LOVE Crepes so I am pleased with this result. There are a few things that didn’t fit (I’m not really known for confidence). But a lot of this was accurate.

2. Yes I have and in my adult years it has been Crepes! My days in Berlin and Paris were essentially crepe-fuelled because it provided a lot of energy and yum for a low price (and I was on a shoestring budget)

3. High End, or at least high end enough that the portion sizes make sense.

4. Mac and Cheese. ehhh not really anymore. maybe when I was a kid. I’m more likely to go for chocolate or cereal.

Yeah, I’m glad you love crepes! They are one of my favorites too, and definitely such a great thrifty staple in Europe. They’ve been a little more difficult to come by in Texas 😉

1. You Are a Hot Dog Food Cart. lol I am a picky eater, but I try to be positive. I definitely make time for resting
2. Sure, Fairbanks has some good ones! Gyros, pulled pork sandwiches, etc
3. Honestly, I just love eating out. I’ll take it all! Haha
4. You Are Mac and Cheese. Mmm carbs 😀

1. Hot Dog. But. I can be picky. But. I do love food.
2. Food cart…hmmm. Don’t remember any unless a stand at a fair,carnival, rodeo or something like that counts. I’d really prefer a food truck! They sure do have some interesting things going on these days and quality too!
3. Probably a restaurant. High end or small family. But anywhere that ends up being a great experience really. You can’t force it; it just happens.
4. Chocolate. When you’re stressed out, you crave intense pleasure.
Or mac n cheese and meatloaf and waffles and buttered bread and juicy steak and enchiladas….
I’m so hungry right now.

There are definitely some interesting food trucks these days. And haha – all those things sound good to me too! I have actually been scheming about enchiladas for the past hour or so 🙂

I was just thinking of another food quiz idea. What Food Movement are you? You know, like Clean eating, Vegan, Raw, Paleo, Slow food, Everything with Butter. Lol. I adopt some beliefs in certain ways of eating but I don’t know if I fall into one trend more than another. Do you know much about these?

What do you get on What Kind of Food Cart Are You? Is it true for you?

Coffee! I loooove coffee, but my tolerance for it isn’t what it once was.

Have you ever eaten at a food cart? What sort of things have you eaten from them?

Yes, a few things, but my favorite is a Vietnamese food cart near my house that is now closed.

What’s your favorite dining out experience? Family restaurant? Chain restaurant? High end? Take out? Food truck / cart?

I tend to prefer local restaurants, but I do like Chipotle quite a bit 🙂

Take What Comfort Food Are You? What do you think of your result?

PB&J – Mr. Blogthings and I eat this all the time!

1. Crepe/ice cream
2. Not that I remember
3. Sometimes family restaurant, sometimes chain restaurant, and sometimes take out.
4. You Are Chocolate (I’m not that hedonistic or that much into luxury but I do like eating whatever tastes good and I like comfort)

What do you think?

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