New Quiz: What Domain Suffix Are You?

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Are you more of a dot com or a dot org person? Take my quiz to find out!

Here’s a weird question for you… are you enough of a geek that you actually type in domain names by hand? I do! I know some people these days prefer to search for their favorite sites (many of you come to Blogthings simply by searching for “blogthings), but I still type them in the old fashioned way. For sites I might forget, I make a bookmark, but in the end, I do a lot of typing.

If you’ve been on the internet a while (and I know most of you have!), I’m sure you know all about the different type of domain names out there. Of course, the good old standby is .com, but there is a lot more to the internet than .com… we have .org, and .net for starters. Anyone is allowed to get those! And for specific types of institutions, you’ve got .edu and .gov… and then there’s all the country codes like .uk and .au, things like .biz and .info and so on! It’s hard to keep all the domain suffixes straight, but luckily there are a few main ones. I remember back before the internet was cool, people used to agonize over which domain suffix they should get 🙂

Do you see domain suffixes as having certain personalities? Is an org or edu website more your style? Take my latest quiz to find out! What Domain Suffix Are You?  Comment below and let me know what you got 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Domain Suffix Are You? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you have your own domain … or have you ever had one? What did you do with it?
  3. What do you spend the most time online doing? Working? Reading? Writing? Chatting?
  4. Take What’s Your Facebook Personality? What do you think of your result?

15 replies on “New Quiz: What Domain Suffix Are You?”

I got Dot.Com–and it’s partly true, I do use the internet for “socializing, entertainment, research, and possibly even work” (ha! Yes, some. :D). But I’m not entrepreneur level good at the internet–I am, so to speak, a competent driver rather than a mechanic or car designer!

It’s so hard to feel like a lot of work gets done online, even if it’s really true! I wish I could be one of those people who unplugs the internet for work, but I really am using it when I’m working too 😉

1. .edu
You love to look up every passing idea or question as soon as it enters your mind. You are very curious. You’re the type of person to learn a whole new subject online. People are often surprised by how much you know, but you’re also surprised by how little they must look up. The internet is like the world’s greatest encyclopedia, and you love that you don’t have to pull it down off the shelf.
2. Nope. Don’t have a clue.
3. Reading
4. Outgoing.
You have a bit of an outrageous persona, but you are also a person of substance. You have a wide variety of things to share on Facebook. You hate to be bored. You like to keep your mind busy, and you’re always looking for new things to do. Whenever you have a few minutes, you like to post something on Facebook.

1. You Are Dot Edu. “You love to look up every passing idea or question as soon as it enters your mind. You are very curious.” Oh my yesss..I love looking up things haha
2. Nope
3. Reading LJ/Facebook, games, surveys, etc
4. Your Facebook Personality is Friendly. True..I definitely avoid drama haha

What do you get on What Domain Suffix Are You? Is it true for you?

I got edu. It’s pretty true, especially the self-education (or autodidacticism) part!

Do you have your own domain … or have you ever had one? What did you do with it?

Of course – Blogthings =)

What do you spend the most time online doing? Working? Reading? Writing? Chatting?

A mix of work (writing quizzes and programming) and reading.

Take What’s Your Facebook Personality? What do you think of your result?

Friendly. Sort of true, but I rarely use Facebook these days!

You Are Dot Net

You love the internet, but you can’t help but miss how it used to be. You’re old school that way.
You go online as much as the next person, but you feel like the internet’s best days are sort of behind it.

You miss a more free spirited, independent online experience. You like an internet full of personal expression.
You don’t really like cookie cutter websites where everyone is a cog in the machine. You prefer to break out and do your own thing.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to have your own website, blog, or even domain name. You like to create.
You couldn’t imagine using the internet without leaving a bit of your own mark. You like to share a part of yourself with the world.

Haha! True! I’ve never seen the point of having my own domain name, website, or blog, too busy for that (or lazy 😛 ) I mostly just do whatever on the internet, but mostly world news and celebrity news!

1. You Are Dot Edu
2. Nope
3. Youtube videos, researching whatever interests me, and sometimes playing computer games
4. Don’t have a facebook account, but a mix of shy/authentic describes me best.

There’s a lot of stupid stuff on youtube too, and also stuff that’s just plain wrong. And my researching is done elsewhere most of the time jsyk.

What do you think?

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