New Quiz: What Orchestra Section Should You Play In?

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What section of the orchestra best suits you? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Have you ever played in an orchestra? A symphony maybe even? School band? None of the above for me, but I know which section I would play in if ever given the chance … percussion. And no triangles! I’m talking big loud drums that I could bang on with pride. (I’m sure Mr. Blogthings is laughing right now knowing my terrible sense of rhythm.) I have the energy and forcefulness to be a drum player, and I’m probably too much of a bull in a china shop for any other instrument. And hey, I did play the xylophone in elementary school for one performance… and I think I did okay.

I know Blogthings has a couple musical instrument quizzes already, but I thought it would be fun to do one considering more of how we act in groups. While we all need to play instruments that fit our individual needs, we can’t dismiss how those instruments will interact with others. For example, I do feel like I’m a drummer at heart, but I wonder if I have the leadership abilities to be the drummer for a whole big band!

Anyway, I devised my latest quiz, What Orchestra Section Should You Play In?, with a bit more of group dynamics in mind. How you act in a group should have some bearing on what orchestral section is best for you, right? Take the quiz, and let me know what you get! I’m especially interested to hear about any links you’ve drawn between personality type and instrument choice

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Orchestra Section Should You Play In? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you ever played in a band? What did you play?
  3. Have you noticed a correlation between the types of instruments people play and personality traits? What have you noticed?
  4. Take What Classical Instrument Should You Play? What do you think of your result?

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You Belong in the Woodwind Section

You are a fanciful, imaginative sort. You have been described as a dreamer, and that’s accurate.
You are both sensitive and creative. You feel very deeply, and you can’t help but express those feelings to the world.

You are deeply empathetic, to the point of feeling the pain of others. You wear your heart on your sleeve.
You can’t help but get out your emotions in one way or another. You hate to leave things bottled up inside.

You are a natural performer, but not because you want to be the center of attention. You aim to connect with your art.
You don’t do well in discordant situations. When everyone is not in harmony, you tend to feel quite depressed.

I’ve played in a band, I’ve played a flute in my private school, (Gr.6-Gr.9) and in my free time when I was in boarding school. I have never found a real correlation, because I find people that play their instruments are so different and the instruments they play just show different sides of different people.

I like your field anthropology report on band members – I will have to think more about an instrument showing a different side of someone. Could be an interesting quiz … like which one complements a small part of your personality best? 🙂

1. Percussion. natural and willing leader. set the tone. independent and self-sufficient. You know what to do without having to ask. dynamic and flexible. able to sense a change in the air and keep up with the times. passionate and you have a high level of enthusiasm.
under pressure You know how to rise to a challenge and use adrenaline in your favor. If others aren’t in step with you, you expect them to get in line. You’ve got your own rhythm you’re comfortable with. Couldn’t even answer the dont think, blank question. Don’t think? Didnt make any sense to me! Lol
2. I played a flute. I wanted something like Sax or drums but the flute was a hand me down. 🙂
3. Yeah, flute people are hippies and sax people are jazzy and drum people are crazy. Lol. JK!
4. Classical Piano. person who makes things happen. a doer. You have a vision of how your life should be. a very inspiring person. You show others that dreams can come true. You’re the type of person who does everything well. You are careful not to brag too much.
I think I feel some pressure now to try and be that person is what I think!

I was worried about the “Don’t Think” question being a bit weird! Haha! I will have to try to think of a better way to present that in the future. I meant it to be something like, “Don’t Think, Act!” or “Don’t Think, Feel!”, but that may be an awkward way of doing it 🙂

1. Woodwinds. The description fits me! But I’ve never played a woodwind. I did want to play an alto sax for awhile and I like oboes.

2. I was in a band in elementary school and junior high. I played a silver coronet. I loved it, and I was good. I will always regret going to a highschool that didn’t have a band.

3. Not always. Among drummers and people who play string instruments, yes. Those who played strings were calm and thoughtful, with artistic interests. The drummers can’t sit still and have a good sense of humor. I don’t really seem to fit the “brass” stereotype though, and I know quite a few other trumpet/coronet players who are introverted.

4. Classical Piano. I think the result describes the person I would like to be; the person I was becoming before I had health problems; the person I hope to be again. I love piano. We used to own a baby grand but my (MUCH) older brother was the only one who played and he has a family so we sold it. Unlike him I have small hands, short fingers, terrible for piano. ah well. I can listen!

That is interesting about the brass stereotype, and I think you might be right. Generally speaking, I think most musicians have to have an introvert streak… there’s so much practice involved 🙂 I appreciated everything you had to say about the piano, as well!

1. You Belong in the String Section (describes me better than the other 3 but isn’t what I’m all about)
2. I’ve practiced with others in a music class
3. Flute players seem more touchy-feely and guitar players seem more cool-headed and that’s about it
4. You Should Play Classical Cello (the first sentence kind of contradicts the rest of the description)

1. You Belong in the Brass Section. I like celebrating cause I get to go out to eat haha. I am friends with a variety of people I think..
2. No
3. No..I’ve never really thought about it
4. You Should Play Classical Cello. I can get bored by routine, but I need it too. It’s definitely nice to have everything in its place haha

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

What do you get on What Orchestra Section Should You Play In? Is it true for you?

Percussion – I think the instrument fits me better than the actual result

Have you ever played in a band? What did you play?

Just xylophone in the school band

Have you noticed a correlation between the types of instruments people play and personality traits? What have you noticed?

Not yet… 😉

Take What Classical Instrument Should You Play? What do you think of your result?

Classical piano – and I do play a little!

1. You Belong in the String Section

You pride yourself on being a reliable and dependable person. You are easy to get along with.
You are very capable. When there’s a job that needs to be done, you’ll do it with precision and accuracy.

You are a warm and welcoming person. You want everyone in your group to truly belong and get along.
You don’t need to stand out from the crowd. You’ll gladly put your needs ahead of other people’s.

You are good at carrying on with life and not making a fuss about what you’re feeling. You are very stoic.
People don’t often know what’s going on beneath the surface with you. You are quite reserved at all times.

You know, I played violin in my fifth grade music class… never did learn anything beyond four notes, though. 😉 As far as the result goes, I’d say it fits.
2. I am currently in a band, but not a classical one. Actually, we play Eighties hair metal, which is totally fun. We perform songs from Cinderella, Dokken, Skid Row, Warrant, Poison, Vixen, Saraya, Lita Ford, Tesla, etc. I’m the lead vocalist.
3. You know, we’ve gone through several lead guitar players in the past few months (we just hired a new guy who’s amazingly talented and ridiculously cute), and my husband plays guitar as well… one thing I know is guitar players love to play hard and LOUD. But they all had very different personalities. And drummers, I’ve noticed, like having a lot of toys. You should see my drummer’s drum kit. Our rehearsal space is nearly all drums! (But he’s awesome, though – he lets me bang on them from time to time if I show up in a bad mood. It’s a good stress reliever!) All the bass players and rhythm guitarists I’ve ever known are kind of quiet and serious, but ultimately very dedicated.
4. You Should Play Classical Guitar

You have an idea of how the world should be. You have a very clear vision for your life.
People respect you for holding on to your ideals. You don’t stray from what you believe in.

You’re the type of person who still believes in changing the world. You passionately believe that things should be better.
You have strong emotions. You listen to your heart… it has rarely led you astray.

I love the classical guitar, and although I’ve never played it, the result is very accurate to who I am now.

Hahaha! It is totally true that guitar players like to play loud and hard. I’d love to see your band play… 80s hair metal is awesome. Let me know if you guys are ever in the Austin area by some fluke chance 😉

Oh, I don’t suspect it’ll be difficult to convince my drummer that the band should take out-of-state gigs… I’d LOVE to play Texas. 🙂

P.S., Other bands we cover: Scorpions (my favorite of all the bands we cover), Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake and Queensrÿche!

What do you think?

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