New Quiz: What’s Your Personality Color?

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What color is your personality? This color quiz may surprise you!

People often ask me where I get my quiz ideas from. I honestly have no idea, but I will say that I have quite a file of them! Actually, that’s not quite true – I have many files with many ideas and notes. Needless to say, I’m not the most organized person in the world, so a lot of these ideas and notes get lost for quite some time… until I discover them again. It’s cool by me, because I just “happen” to discover a lot of quiz ideas and notes just when I’m in the mood to write them. If you’re a longtime fan who’s suggested a quiz topic only to see it show up years later, this is why!

Today’s quiz is one from my “lost files” from many years ago. In fact, I found the date on it… December 2004. Oops! Once I realized I had been planning on writing this quiz for so long, I had to sit down and write it. (How many of you were in high school or even in junior high back in 2004? It’s been a while, right?) I think the thing that took me so long to write this quiz is that it is yet another color quiz, and Blogthings has many of those. However, after I looked at my notes, I noticed that this quiz was kind of different for some of the colors than most color quizzes – so I thought it would throw it out there. Maybe you’ll find a whole new side to your favorite color outcome … or a whole new color!

Take What’s Your Personality Color?, and let me know what you get. I’m curious to see how this quiz may match up with other color quizzes you’ve taken.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Personality Color? Is it true for you?
  2. What were you doing in December, 2004? I was just getting Blogthings started, and MySpace / LiveJournal were huge!
  3. Take What’s Your Power Color? What do you think of your result? How does it compare to this newer color quiz?


10 replies on “New Quiz: What’s Your Personality Color?”

Ooo, a Saturday quiz!

1. You Are Blue. Seems pretty true
2. I dunno..I was probably in 10th grade taking fencing in school. I was really weird 😛 (I cringe reading my blog posts from back then haha. I still use LJ!)
3. Your Power Color Is Teal. Pretty true, and a little similiar to this one

Yay! I’m glad someone noticed the Saturday quiz 🙂 Oh yes, old blog posts are universally embarrassing! I promise it’s not just you, and fencing sounds cool to me. Also, LiveJournal is awesome!

Dear, Kari,
I have been around Blogthings for a while and I’d like to thank you for many interesting quizzes you’ve made. Blogthings is both refreshing and fun!

I got Blue as my result and I think it is quite accurate.
First of all, blue is my favorite color!
Now that you mention it, yes, I am a lecturer and I like to give my students all the best they deserve. It’s also true that I tend to help them find their own best way to study, rather than continuously giving them lectures. I also always think that everyone has different potential, and that’s why I have to approach each of them differently.

But, I am single but I am not depressed 😀
Yes maybe at first I was depressed, but then as I found many things I could do, I healed myself and became even stronger. I do wish to find my real soul-mate soon though 🙂

Thank you! 😀

Hi! Thanks so much for your very sweet comments. It made my day to read them.

I like your analysis of your result… I agree that some parts are more accurate than others, and I do think the Blue result is fitting for a lecturer.

I’m glad you introduced yourself, and don’t be a stranger 🙂

1. Red. You live in the here and now. Whatever is in front of your face is the most important thing to you. You have a zest for life, and your senses are more in touch than most people’s. You love to taste, hear, smell, feel, and see. In love, you may seem a bit mysterious and aloof. And that’s not because you don’t feel passionately. You love intensely, but you are protective of your own freedom. You need someone as secure and independent as you are. At work, you like to be control of what you’re doing and the output that you’re producing. You like to see results. You prefer to work alone. You give your work your all, and you like to proud of something you’ve created all by yourself.
*2 things: I’m not THAT independent. And I sometimes I think I share too much, too soon instead of being mysterious and aloof. But maybe its just because I feel uncomfortable after sharing.*
2. I don’t remember except that I lived in yellow house and my daughter, who has just graduated, was in a different school then.
3. Indigo. At Your Highest:
You are on a fast track to success – and others believe in you.
At Your Lowest:
You require a lot of attention and praise.
In Love:
You see people as how you want them to be, not as how they are.
How You’re Attractive:
Your dramatic flair makes others see you as mysterious and romantic.
Your Eternal Question:
“Does This Work Into My Future Plans?”

Oh, I definitely know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable sharing. I am the same way for sure. It’s hard as the internet becomes more and more public and less like a cozy virtual coffee shop! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen people truly overshare, except for a few… but I think we all may feel like we’re doing it (even offline).

You Are Green

You are a high achiever who enjoys winning for its own sake. You love to take on the world.
You are competitive and quick witted. You hate to be wrong, but you move on from your mistakes quickly.

In love, you tend to be pickier than most people. You have pretty high standards and don’t want to compromise.
You don’t mind being single while you wait to meet someone as goal driven and focused as you are.

At work, you do best when there isn’t a ceiling on your ambition. You need to be able to advance quickly.
If you don’t see a clear path to the top of a company, you often do better as an entrepreneur on your own.

– Seems true! Although I do tend to overthink my mistakes.. But it’s dead on otherwise. I’d rather be alone than in a half-hearted relationship, guess that’s why I’m the eternal single.

In Dec 2004, I was 13. Can barely remember it, so I guess, it was just school and stuff for me – I didn’t even have a computer back then!

Lime Green is my power color, which describes me perfectly.
I think there’s a whole lot of truth to both results!
(Well done, I love taking your quizzes 🙂 )

Awww, I’m glad you found both of your results to be true! And thanks for the kinds words 🙂 I can’t remember much of what I was doing at 13 either, except who my crush was.

What do you think?

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