Quiz: What’s Your Summer Sense?

woman relaxing in a summer forest
What sense is most dominant for you during the summer?

Is everyone having a good summer? This is the best summer I’ve had in a long time… well, except for my air conditioning breaking on a 107F day 🙂 Aside from a few hot days, the weather has been really mild (for Texas), and I’ve been enjoying the balmy days and temperate nights. There’s something about warmer weather that just kicks me into relaxation mode. I get a lot of summer in my part of the world, so it’s a good thing that I enjoy it!

Summer tickles all of my senses. I love the smells of summer – freshly cut grass and flowers. I also love the taste of fresh watermelon and food I grill up. I like the sites of summer too… my dog sunbathing in our backyard. I will admit that I’m not so big on the sounds of summer. There’s been some construction going on nearby, and the dominant summer sound so far is a buzz saw 😉

What about you? What senses does summer bring out for you? Do you live for the taste of frozen custard? Or love the sounds of a free outdoor concert? Take What’s Your Summer Sense?, and let me know what your summer sense is. Also comment and let me know what you’re enjoying most the summer, and what sense it tickles.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Summer Sense? Is it true for you?
  2. What are you enjoying most this summer? Or what are you hoping to enjoy this summer?
  3. What is your favorite summer memory? What sense does it evoke?
  4. Take Where Should You Spend Your Summer? What do you think of your result?

16 replies on “Quiz: What’s Your Summer Sense?”

1. Your Summer Sense is Touch. It is DEFINITELY true I dream about the summer sun in the winter haha. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets you through winter!
2. I hiked to Gulkana Glacier on Saturday and walked on it..that was pretty awesome! I like the nice 70 degree days too. I also love how fresh and nice Alaska summer air smells (as long as there isn’t a forest fire anyway :P)
3. Traveling, the feeling of the sun, etc
4. You Should Spend Your Summer in the Mountains. Heck yeah! 😀

Wow! Walking on a glacier in 70 day weather sounds ideal to me 🙂 I agree about forest fires… they are the only thing that used to ruin the fresh air in Colorado.

1. Taste and quite a bit of sight
2. Not sure right now
3. Can’t think of any right now
4. Mountains with quite a bit of beach (summer isn’t my favorite season though)

1. Sight. I think it’s true. I would love to get into photography but I’ve never really been able to direct my money towards a decent camera.

2. Honestly I am not a big fan of summer. I don’t do well with extreme heat and when it is humid that is even worse. I suppose fireflies! Maybe swimming, if I ever get a new suit. I do love to swim.

3. Oh this is hard. I used to love summer. I suppose when my friend had a party at her family’s lake (well it wasn’t exclusively their lake, but it was fairly private). going on her family’s speedboat and tubing was so much fun! It was just extra fun that time because so many of my school friends were there. That one evokes touch. The feel of the water.

4. Europe. I really really should. I wish I could!

I will admit that summer is not my favorite season at all. I’m much more of a winter / fall fan. Tubing sounds nice to me as well… maybe because it’s also a snow sport? 😉

1. Sound. But I would say that sight and smell are equal to sound but I had to make choices. And taste as well but I’m not as big a grill/BBQ fan as a lot of people so my taste would be more about the fruits and drinks and sweets of summer. And seafood.
2. Only have selling my house and moving on my mind this summer.
3. My best summer memory is a composite of all childhood and teen beach and lake and river days and nights. Fun, freedom, young love… All the good stuff. 🙂
4. The Beach.

Lol! Nope, still Tejas. Dallas. I would definitely be down with some New Mexican eats though. But the Irving area has every kind of food I could want, I think. And even though I’m not big on BBQ there is a Red Hot & Blue nearby and they have a Brunswick Stew that I enjoy.

Dallas is a fun city for sure! Plus, they have my favorite bookstore in Texas, a HUGE Half Price Books with a delicious German bakery inside.

I got “Your Sun Sense is Touch”, and it’s true that I’m a very tactile person. (It’s the one thing I don’t love about museums–you can’t handle anything!)

I’m hoping to enjoy some very peaceful alone time…so far I managed one day like that!

My favorite summer memory is creeping out onto the front porch of the family’s beach bungalow while everyone else was still asleep and watching the sun rise over the ocean. It evokes more a feeling of stillness than a physical sense, though.

I got “You Should Spend Your Summer in the Mountains”. Well…the description is exactly right, but I’ve done mountains and I’ve done beach, and I prefer beach. (That’s assuming I could find one that isn’t all crowded, though. When my family went to the beach, it was pretty quiet and empty during the week, and we avoided the beach proper weekend afternoons. :))

What do you get on What’s Your Summer Sense? Is it true for you?

Taste – yes, definitely true! I love to eat 😉

What are you enjoying most this summer? Or what are you hoping to enjoy this summer?

Cool mornings. Fresh produce.

What is your favorite summer memory? What sense does it evoke?

Cool to cold mountain nights in Colorado. Sense of feel for sure – the air was amazing.

Take Where Should You Spend Your Summer? What do you think of your result?

The beach. Yes, I’ll take it! 🙂

What do you think?

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