Quiz: What Color Fireworks Are You?

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What color fireworks best suit you? Take this quiz to find out.

Despite all of the heat, this is my favorite time in the summer. I’m sure the title of this blog post makes the reason why pretty clear… I love all of the fireworks associated with the 4th of July. My city has a very nice fireworks display, along with a symphony, to celebrate the holiday. Of course, people in my neighborhood light their own fireworks, which can be cool if done safely. My dog would disagree though! He hates the sound of fireworks.

When I was a kid, fireworks were a big deal. They had many different firework displays throughout my city, and my dad always bought a big bag for us to light off. I remember it being a huge deal when I was old enough to be allowed to light some fireworks. Unfortunately, things aren’t how they used to be for fireworks in my hometown. I grew up in the glory days for fireworks! Now forest fires and budgetary constraints limit how much they do.

Whether you or your town happen to be doing fireworks or not this 4th of July,  you can enjoy some virtual fireworks with my quiz:  What Color Fireworks Are You? Let me know what you get on this one and what you think of fireworks!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Color Fireworks Are You? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you like fireworks? When do you get the chance to see them?
  3. Have you ever lit your own fireworks? How did that go?
  4. When do people in your area light fireworks? Independence day? New Year’s Eve? Another time?
  5. Take The Fireworks Test. What do you think of your result?

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12 replies on “Quiz: What Color Fireworks Are You?”

1. OBSESSED…focused, single minded, and intense.
You don’t let others see your intensity often, and when they do, they are quite surprised. You burn brightly, but you also burn steadily.
You have the endurance to get the one thing you desire most.
5. PURPLE…focused on the future. You are optimistic about the days and years to come. You are both persuasive and talkative. You know what you like, and you love to evangelize.
You are an interesting person. You are good at entertaining and amusing people. You are friendly and outgoing. You are chummy and chatty with everyone.
2,3,4. I think we have them mostly on the 4th only and I’ve never lit any of my own but I do enjoy them.

1. Green. Yes it’s true! I’m not sure I would say my approach to life is exclusively childlike, but keeping a childlike curiousity is important to me. I never want to lose that sense of wonder. And I definitely know how to get out of trouble. I can read people pretty well and can usually figure out the best argument to use, teehee.

2. I love fireworks. I pretty much only see them at the usual times.

3. Not real fireworks, but I absolutely love to play with sparklers (which reminds me I need to buy a box the next time I’m in the store!). They make me feel like a faery.

4. Independence Day.

5. Impassioned. I’d say it fits pretty well. Although since I’m shy people may not always realize it!

1. You Are Green Fireworks. I’m very curious 😛
2. Sure, they can be pretty awesome. Mostly around the Winter Solstice or New Year’s Eve (if it’s not -30 anyway!). It’s too sunny to have fireworks on the 4th of July haha
3. Yeah, my dad lit them off. It was fun haha
4. Around Christmas and New Year’s and stuff..since we can’t do fireworks in the summer people go crazy lighting them off in the winter haha (up in the hills where my parents live it’s not illegal to shoot them off)
5. Your Fireworks Say You’re Impassioned. That’s definitely true 😛

1. You Are Green Fireworks
2. Whenever there are any nearby
3. A few times, it was kind of cool but nothing spectacular
4. Independence day and New years eve
5. Your Fireworks Say You’re Impassioned (mostly true)

I got “You are Purple Fireworks”…some of it is true! But I don’t think I’m so much outgoing–I’m kinda shy and introverted, especially around people I don’t know.

I do love fireworks, but I do not love crowds, so I don’t get to see them often any more! It was great when I was in grad school in Ithaca–you could see the 4th of July fireworks from almost anywhere on or near the Cornell campus, and people were out everywhere enjoying them (even though the campus was relatively deserted in summer). 🙂

I definitely would not be setting off my own fireworks–that is GUNPOWDER and not safe for amateurs!

I got “Your Fireworks say You’re Obsessed”–and very often, yeah. 🙂

I can’t imagine where you’d light off your own fireworks anyway! A very scary prospect, although I’m sure some people in the city do it 😉

What do you get on What Color Fireworks Are You? Is it true for you?

White – and that fits me today. I’m feeling quite ambitious.

Do you like fireworks? When do you get the chance to see them?

I do! I tend to see them more on New Year’s Eve though 🙂 Less crowded and hot than the 4th of July.

Have you ever lit your own fireworks? How did that go?

I have many times as a kid. It went well! I really liked sparklers 🙂

When do people in your area light fireworks? Independence day? New Year’s Eve? Another time?

All of the above, plus when the college graduates, someone wins a sports championship, and when someone they like wins an election.

Take The Fireworks Test. What do you think of your result?

Obsessed – kind of goes with ambition I guess 😉

What do you think?

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