New Quiz: Are You An Early Adopter?

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Do you embrace new technology and ideas? Or do you stick to what’s tried and true?

Are you the first person you know to buy a new gadget, try a new idea, discover a new band, or go to a new restaurant? If so, you may be what people call an “early adopter” – someone who notices and embraces trends right before they become popular. And early means very early – early adopters represent the first ten to fifteen percent of a product or idea’s customer base.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably hear the term “early adopter” before. I was surprised to learn that there is a whole lifecycle to how an idea, trend, or product gets adopted. The early adopters come early, but there’s a few people even earlier than them… the innovators. And after the early adopters, the early majority embraces a trend, followed by the late majority. Finally, people who are more traditional (“traditionalists”) may or may not embrace something once it becomes mainstream.

I find this a fascinating topic, and research seems to suggest that whether you embrace something quickly or slowly says a lot about your personality. Makes sense – there is a huge gulf between innovator and traditionalist. I thought that this would be an interesting topic to write about, and I decided to widen it a bit past technology. Not all of us can afford the latest Apple gadgets, but many of us are quick to adopt new ideas, foods, and fashion trends ๐Ÿ™‚

To find out where you are on the adoption lifecycle, take my latest quiz:ย Are You An Early Adopter? Let me know what you get on this one, and what you think about new ideas / technology / trends in general.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get onย Are You An Early Adopter?ย Is it true for you?
  2. What sort of things do you tend to be an early adopter for?
  3. What sort of things do you tend to be a late adopter for?
  4. Have you ever been an early adopter of something that didn’t work out?

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13 replies on “New Quiz: Are You An Early Adopter?”

Tried it from a different browser (firefox) and it worked. It turned out that I am Early Adopter. I could not disagree more : ) I am very suspicious of everything new and am not willing to pay top price for something that can’t be serviceable properly, I don’t mind paying top dollar but majority of the ‘new things’ are just crap.

You aren’t the earliest adopter when it comes to technology. Being on the cutting edge is expensive! You are open to new ideas.
2. I often know about things in advance of others even if I’m not going to stand in line for it just because its new. I had a Vitamix and a scanner pen before anyone knew about them. Like almost 20 years ago.
3. Although I’m on top of some more unusual things I was a late adopter of DVD and then Blu Ray.
4. I don’t think I’ve ever adopted something that failed. I don’t remember. My scanner pen wasn’t great I guess, certainly not like what there is today.

1. You Are in the Late Majority. technology kinda freaks me out haha. I only just got a smartphone this year!
2. Restaurants maybe..if only there were more in Fairbanks!
3. Technology..I don’t need all that stuff (like iPads and Nooks and stuff). I’m good with my laptop and desktop and real books! I do like my smartphone though
4. *shrugs* It’s always possible..

What do you get on Are You An Early Adopter? Is it true for you?

I got Innovator which I think is sometimes true, but I’m selective and sort of picky about new technology. I have a strong luddite side to me too.

What sort of things do you tend to be an early adopter for?

Some technology if it isn’t too expensive. Food. Restaurants. Some film and music.

What sort of things do you tend to be a late adopter for?

Cars. I prefer to drive mine into the ground.

Have you ever been an early adopter of something that didnโ€™t work out?

Hahaha, yes. I had an early Macbook Air that was a hunk of junk ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also got “You are in the Early Majority”–and I do think that’s correct. (I’d be an earlier adopter if all that tech were free, or my income was unlimited those–they keep coming out with nifty toys!)

Cost is a huge factor for me as well! I used to be a little quicker to jump on the bandwagon, but now I try to wait as long as possible for the price to go down ๐Ÿ™‚

You Are in the Early Majority

You aren’t the earliest adopter when it comes to technology. You like to wait things out a bit.
You love new things, but you want to wait until they are proven. Being on the cutting edge is expensive!

You may feel like you’re the last person you know to get on board with a new idea or thing, but you’re still rather early when compared to the general public.
It’s likely that you know about something a while before you decide to go for it. You like to do your due diligence.

You are open to new ideas, and it’s likely that you’re quite active in your community. You have your ear to the ground.
If someone recommends something to you, you’ll probably check it out. And if you like it, you’ll pass on the recommendation.

Comment: Mostly true. I’m very open to new technologies and systems at work, however less interested in private.

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