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tree alone in the desert
What does your favorite tree say about you?

Do you like trees? I am a huge tree fan, and I feel lucky to live in a city with a ton of trees that are protected from development. Little puts me more at ease than walking through my tree filled neighborhood, observing how each of my favorite trees is changing with the seasons. I am also a bit of a birdwatcher, and of course, trees are a perfect place to see beautiful birds flying around.

Trees have always had a deep meaning to various cultures, and I can understand why. At its core, a tree symbolizes strength and growth. Forests are seen as both a mystery and a refuge. They are also a place of change as many characters in books and movies undergo something transformative in the middle of the forest. There’s a lot to trees, and it doesn’t surprise me that we humans enjoy being around them so much.

My love of trees inspired me to write The Tree Test, especially when I found such a great array of varied yet complementary tree images. What I love about this image set is that the images all have a similar style but huge variations on tree type and season. See what the one you like says about you!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Tree Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you have a favorite tree near where you work or live? What do you like about it?
  3. What kind of trees do you tend to like the best? It can be a breed, size, or even season.
  4. Did you ever climb a tree, swing a rope from a tree, or build a treehouse when you were growing up? Which one?
  5. Take What Season Tree Are You? What do you get? Is it true for you?

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1) Confident and dominant. It’s very true. It’s basically a description of an enneagram type 8, lol.

2) A cottonwood outside my house; I love that it’s huge and old, and I love that it’s wild and untrimmed.

3) Red Maple, Willow, Wisteria, Redwood, and Aspen. And pretty much all old trees. Have you ever heard Aspens in the wind?

4) I climbed a lot of trees as a child.

5) An Autumn tree. It’s fairly true, too.

Confident and Dominant Initially, taken aback, but then read the description and it was pretty true.
I like all kinds of trees; apple, pine, maple
Climbed trees.

1. Happy and Serene. Well I don’t know that I would describe myself that way, but there was a good amount of truth in the result. The first paragraph and the last two sentences are definitely me. I’m a bit of a worrier though.
2. oh gosh I live across the street from a national park so there are a lot of trees near me it is hard to pick one in particular. I suppose I feel affection for a birch tree because people keep carving names into it and I just think of Ferngully: “can’t you feel its pain?”
3. I love trees in autumn the most though living in dc has made spring trees a contender. the cherry blossom trees are gorgeous. I love willows. I love birch trees. I love dogwoods. I love all sorts of trees.
4. Yes! At my home where I grew up I did both rope swinging and tree climbing regularly. In my backyard we had a rope attached to a tree that was so much fun to swing on. Eventually my dad cut it down because kids kept sneaking in the backyard to play on it and he was worried about a lawsuit. The front yard had a crab apple tree that was perfect for climbing. it was possible to climb all the way to the top.
5. Autumn Tree. Spot-on!

DC spring trees really are so amazingly beautiful. Thanks for reminding me! I lived in DC for five years, and I think I may have preferred spring to fall there because of the cherry blossoms 🙂 Also, living across from a national park sounds awesome!!!

1. You Are Fascinating and Truthful

You are a responsible person who enjoys taking care of others.
You believe in honest work and taking on commitments. You have a good character.

And while you are very trustworthy, you are by no means boring and dull.
You are bright, quick, and witty. You are a nonconformist who always has something interesting to say.

Comment: Very. Many people wouldn’t think that I’m a nonconformist, but it all depends on which situation we’re talking about. As another quiz result (not Blogthings) once told me: You’re happy to conform when you understand the reasons for it.

2. My favourite tree is the one close to my balcony at home. Actually, it’s five tree trunks, but they stand so close that I use to think of it as one tree.

3. Pines and maple trees are my fave. Pines for its wildness – it’s a real forest tree! – and maples for their beautiful leaves, esp. with all their different colours during the fall. I use to pick about five fallen red/orange leaves from the ground every time I’m going for a walk, and then put them in a green mug with water at home until they’ve turned all brown. Sometimes I just lay them out on the windowsill as well. OMG how I look forward to the autumn when thinking about it… it’s my favourite season.

4. I used to climb an apple tree at a friend’s garden as a child.

5. Got the Autumn tree as result. What else? 🙂

You are contemplative and deep. You enjoy observing the world around you.
You know that change is inevitable, and you try to roll with whatever life brings.

You can see the extraordinary in the ordinary. You are easily inspired.
You try to remain balanced and steady in the face of upheaval.

I love that you collect fall leaves. I’m already looking forward to autumn too! It starts about mid October in my parts, so I have a while to wait.

1. You Are Happy and Serene. lol I definitely get worried easy, but I try to be understanding
2. I love Alaska trees!! Especially spruce and tamaracks..I just love driving down the road and seeing huge old spruce trees <3
3. Evergreens, sycamores, weeping willows, etc. I love trees haha. I like when they're flowering and changing colors in the fall (they just turned brown in Texas :P)
4. Oh yes, all of them. So fun..good memories too!
5. You Are an Autumn Tree. Seems pretty true

Awww, yeah, Texas autumn is not as nice as other places. Now fall in the mountains or New England, that’s a different matter!

I also love spruce trees. I grew up with a lot of blue spruce in Colorado. Also piñon, but I’m guessing those don’t make it up to Alaska 🙂

1. You Are Smart and Reflective
2. i don’t go outside much
3. Shady trees
4. I climbed some trees
5. You Are a Winter Tree

I had two favorites, so I got “You are Happy and Serene” and “You are Charming and Energetic”, and each description is part right, so that works!

Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with trees, because I am very very very allergic to tree pollen. So I guess I like them best in fall and winter, when there is no pollen!

1.Optimistic and Lucky. You feel blessed and you enjoy sharing your blessings with those you love. You have a healthy outlook on life. You take every opportunity to forgive, learn, and grow.
2. There is a tree at our library that I like. It’s big and has low, spread out limbs. I don’t know what it is. Probably Oak.
3. When I was young I always said Willows were my favorite because of their wispy, romantic nature. Now I’m aware of so many different kinds I don’t know my favorite.
4. I had a tire swing over a ditch in our front yard when I was little. 😀
I broke my arm falling out of a tree that I climbed when I was little.
5. Winter Tree. Calm, Rest, Sanctuary, Comfort, Deep Relationships.

What do you get on The Tree Test? Is it true for you?

Happy and Serene – I’ll take it

Do you have a favorite tree near where you work or live? What do you like about it?

Yes, there is a big pecan tree in my backyard that produces the best pecans ever 🙂

What kind of trees do you tend to like the best? It can be a breed, size, or even season.

I love aspen trees from my childhood in Colorado. I also love pecan trees now too!

Did you ever climb a tree, swing a rope from a tree, or build a treehouse when you were growing up? Which one?

I’ve climbed a couple, but when I was growing up all of the trees in my neighborhood were too young to climb.

Take What Season Tree Are You? What do you get? Is it true for you?

A mix of winter and autumn

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