New Quiz: The Halftone Test

nine halftone images
Which halftone image best fits you? Pick the one you like to hear about the dark and light sides of your personality.

Ever since I discovered what they were, I’ve been a huge fan of Halftone images. They are images that use different techniques of black and white shading to look continuous to the human eye. From far away they may just look gray, but up close, they are interesting and intricate. Halftone was originally used in print, and of course, it doesn’t have much use in the digital world of unlimited colors. Still, I think the patterns are very cool – and I’m partial to anything with black and white.

So when I discovered these cool halftone images (see above), I knew I had to use them in a quiz. Black and white gives me a chance to play off the light and dark sides of a personality, which I love to do. Some people might find this too negative, and while Blogthings generally emphasizes strengths, I like to look at the flip side of things too. (Hardcore personality theory geeks: I based this quiz off the enneagram, and feel free to guess / ask what your number type was supposed to be.)

Anyway, give The Halftone Test a whirl, and let me know what you think of your result 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Halftone Test? Is it true for you?
  2. What sort of black and white patterns do you like? Bold contrasts? Or more subtle pin striping?
  3. Is there any part of design that interests you? Typography? Color theory? Fashion design? Cake design? I feel like we’re all a kind of arty bunch here, so I’d like to know where your interests lie.
  4. Take The Retro Pattern Test. What do you think of your result?

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21 replies on “New Quiz: The Halftone Test”

You Are a Perfectionist

You are an organized and orderly person. You do best when you can systemize and take your time.
You hate making mistakes, and you can avoid them if you’re able to do things your way. You are good at double checking yourself.

The light side of you is proud and accomplished. You have worked hard for your success and feel like you deserve it.
You have high standards for yourself, and you make the world a better place simply by participating.

The dark side of you is easily disappointed by yourself and others. You dislike people not living up to expectations.
At times, you can often feel burdened by how much you’ve taken on. You could use a bit more time for fun.

It’s true for me. I love fashion design, but I’d like to rather style and revise, rather than designing clothes.

1. my first choice was observant. There was a lot of truth in it. The first paragraph in particular was definitely me. However, i am more emotional than the result implied. My second choice gave me perceptive and that result was dead-on.
2. I prefer black-and-white designs that are more subtle or complex, usually I’m not that big on them but pinstripes are so classy.
3. For a long time I really wanted to be a fashion designer and I definitely have an interest. I used to write reviews but i just feel like there is too MUCH too fast to keep up with it all when I have other interests. I also LOVE color theory. I also have an interest in interior design. I feel like I don’t have a lot of artistic talent, but I have an artistic eye/mind.
4. I got unique. I feel uncomfortable with calling myself that. The same goes for “being original”. I am highly resistant to peer pressure, but I do like a lot of popular things (in addition to having interests that could be called esoteric), so I’m not sure I can call myself “non-conformist” either. I don’t feel the need to be entirely out of the mainstream, but I do like to choose for myself. I am definitely defiant and rebellious at times. People don’t usually realize that about me because I didn’t have strict parents so I didn’t feel the need to act out, but if someone does try to assert authority over me and make me obey rules that I don’t think are justified or follow traditions that I don’t like, they’ll see a whole new side of me. I hope I am tolerant and accepting; I try to be (unless what I am expected to “tolerate” is bigotry or the like). I am not laid back and easy going. I can give people that impression if they catch me at the right time, but I have perfectionist tendencies that can lead to stress. That said I do reject the “rat race”. Overall it was a good result for me.

I like the distinction you make between resistant to peer pressure and non-conformist. There is a big difference between the two, although I rarely highlight it in quizzes. Being non-conformist can actually be more of a surface thing, since you’re still being influenced by what others are doing. Being resistent to peer pressure is more about just doing your own thing 🙂

1. Observant,skeptical
2. Pin striping
3. Color theory, sometimes fashion design, sometimes cake design, and sometimes architectural design
4. Brilliant/unique with some thoughtful and some quirky

I love picture quizzes like this one (: I got skeptical, which seemed pretty correct, but I don’t think I’m as hard working as it seemed.

Seems pretty skeptical. Lol

1. You Are Perceptive. I am sensitive and I get random bad moods too (annoying!)
2. Maybe stripes. *shrugs* I’m a color person haha
3. No, I’m not an arty person haha. Though I did like technical theater..
4. You Are Exuberant. Seems pretty true..

I looked second choice would have been more certainly far more me. Some of assertive fits but I really am not that assertive at all…In fact, I dithered over which of these 2 patterns to choose initially .None of the others had any appeal. Looks like I am a definite mix of the 2..Lol!

Assertive..well..pretty much like me I suspect .But I think I am slightly less than assertive..toned down a few shades perhaps..

I got “You are Observant” and the description that follows is quite right!

I’m a type freak–which comes in very handy as a book designer! Typefaces have such different “personalities”, and I consider choosing a font that enhances and buttresses the book I’m designing to be the most important thing–and the first thing I decide.

For the Retro Pattern test (which my autocorrect wanted to make “Tetris Pattern”!), I got “You are Unique”…I don’t think I’m a TOTAL noncomformist, but other than that…yeah. 🙂

You would definitely have to be a type freak for book design! I was pretty unaware of type things until seeing Helvetica, which was kind of life changing 🙂

I’m a big fan of both Helvetica and Objectified (which I actually saw for the first time at the IFC center in NY). I agree with Helvetica being overused. It’s an easy “good enough” hack for those of us less good at design 😉

This one is difficult. I first thought I love all of these except the zigzaggy one (Adventurous) and I immediately thought I liked the Achiever one best. That doesn’t seem right to me. I looked again and thought I might like the center one best. Observant. Yes. That sounds more like me. And the Peaceful. And the Perfectionist. I love all sorts of black and white patterns. And black and white drawings! And photos! I love everything about design. I love the aesthetics of a thing, the details, the utility of things.
On the Retro pattern quiz, the other day, I chose Charming but today I chose Wise.

What do you get on The Halftone Test? Is it true for you?

Adventurous. It seems good for today 🙂

What sort of black and white patterns do you like? Bold contrasts? Or more subtle pin striping?

I like pen and ink drawings with crisscrosses and stuff.

Is there any part of design that interests you? Typography? Color theory? Fashion design?
Cake design? I feel like we’re all a kind of arty bunch here, so I’d like to know where your interests lie.

All of it – but these days, the use of white space. Oh, and food photography / stying 🙂

Take The Retro Pattern Test. What do you think of your result?

Adventurous! I see a theme here…

What do you think?

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