New Quiz: What Color is Your Logo?

What would color logo would your personal brand have?
What would color logo would your personal brand have?

Have you considered what it would be like if you were a company? It’s kind of a weird question to ask, but it’s becoming a more popular idea. As we all have public faces to one extent or another online, the idea of a “personal brand” becomes interesting. Is your personal brand friendly and accessible? Progressive and future oriented? Disruptive and controversial? I don’t agree with the experts who think we have to absolutely think this way for every online interaction. However, I do think it’s fun to think about in more of a personal psychology sort of way.

The other day I ran across an article linking brand colors to certain associations. There is nothing interesting about this… people have been talking about the colors of brands and what they mean for a long time. Like almost everyone, you’ve probably noticed that Whole Foods and Starbucks are big on green, while McDonalds and Subway are big on yellow. Colors create a certain association for a business – whether it’s growth for green or optimistic for yellow.

This got me thinking about if I were a brand, what would my color be? So of course, I wrote a quiz to find out! See what your logo color would be with my latest quiz: What Color is Your Logo? Comment below and let me know what you get!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Color is Your Logo? Is it true for you?
  2. Are there any logos for businesses that you love? Which ones?
  3. What color combinations have you noticed businesses using that you enjoy?
  4. Do you spend time thinking about your own personal brand? How would you like others to see you?

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Your Logo is Orange

You are a friendly and outgoing soul. You are truly a ‘people person’ in every sense of the term.
You connect easily with others, and not just to network. You are happiest when you have a large circle of friends.

You have a cheerful demeanor both to the outside world and inside your own head. You don’t let anything or anyone get you down.
You believe that there is plenty to be sad or angry about in this life. Instead, you try as much as humanly possible to focus on what delights you.

You have a natural confidence and ease with yourself. You’re comfortable with who you are… and even a bit proud of yourself.
You may not be perfect, but you try your best. Knowing you have good intentions is enough to make you face the world with a smile.

Sometimes I can get a little sarcastic, but this is pretty true!
I love the TCBY frozen yogurt logo AND yogurt. And the Menchies frozen yogurt logo too. I just love yogurt. 😛

1. Orange. Sounds about right! 🙂
2. I don’t “love” any…
3. Susan G. Komen foundation b/c it’s pink and white. Other than that, I don’t enjoy many because color combos I would like aren’t used MUCH (pink w/ purple… all pink).
4. Nope. I spend my time in the now.

I got Purple for my Logo. That’s cool; goes with my username Purblueple. 🙂 I like the AshbaMedia A logo. And I like the Fiat Abarth logo. Orange and Blue logos are interesting. And yes, I do often think about my own branding. I often look at a M logos. For Melissa. I’m often thinking of custom ideas for products I like, for example a certain swim wear that I would like but can’t find. Too bad I can’t sew. I think about my own fragrance as well.

Those are some great logo options! I want to get back into sewing for the same reason… to make my own unique clothes. I used to sew dresses all the time as a teenager and miss it.

1. Your Logo is Blue

You are a very trustworthy person. You take great pride in your word being your bond.
Part of the secret to your trustworthiness is that you don’t overextend yourself. You only promise what you can deliver.

You are also quite dependable. You believe that consistency is important, and you gladly offer it to others.
You have no problem doing what needs to be done. You have never been one to run away from responsibilities.

You draw from and develop a lot of inner strength. You save your energy for what matters and apply it judiciously.
You don’t give up when it’s important to stay strong. You know that there is always time for rest later.

Comment: Just the result I predicted, it’s 100% me. Blogthings really tracked yours truly down with this quiz! 😀

2. A fascinating question. My fave logos (among many others) are Fairtrade, Penguin Books, Duck Island Ltd and Fortum & Mason.

3. Green, blue and turquoise colour tones mixed together. Red and black works as well but may sometimes appear too strong.

4. Yes, every now and then. I’d like others to regard me as a responsible and smart woman with integrity and strength. No “girlish” image.

Penguin books is a great logo! I had forgotten that one.

This may be a “grass is greener” thing for me, but I have always felt like European women know how to project a stronger, more adult image than American women. And I envy that!

1. Your Logo is Yellow. I definitely try to be optimistic and friendly to everyone
2. Seeing Barnes and Noble’s always makes me happy haha (booooks..). Google’s can be cool too
3. Maybe red or green
4. Not really. As nice, funny, sweet, etc

1. Purple/gray (I’m neutral on ethical matters)
2. Domino’s, Wal-Mart, Sonic, McDonald’s, Barnes & Noble
3. Light blue and yellow
4. Not really. Deep, open-minded, thoughtful, cool-headed, non-mainstream, and considerate.

What do you get on What Color is Your Logo? Is it true for you?

Purple! I love it 🙂

Are there any logos for businesses that you love? Which ones?

Yes, I love the reddit guy.

What color combinations have you noticed businesses using that you enjoy?

I like colors that are rich – like gold, purple, teal, etc

Do you spend time thinking about your own personal brand? How would you like others to see you?

Not really, but I try to keep it light on social media.

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