Quiz: What Kind of Book Are You?

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If you were a book, what kind of book would you be?

Is anyone planning on doing some summer reading? I am, although I have no idea what I want to read. (Give me suggestions in the comments, please!) I love to read every time of year, but I think we book geeks can agree that there is something special about this season. It’s cool to be reading along when everyone is getting excited about reading again. And since I somehow escaped mandatory summer reading in public school, I don’t have any negative associations with picking up a book on a hot day. (I do it inside in the A/C – Texas is too warm for outdoor summer reading!)

I love reading so much. Like many of you, I don’t read as much as I’d like, but when I do, I get completely absorbed in what I’m reading. I’m currently about halfway through an annotated copy of Emma by Jane Austen – a book that I still can’t believe I haven’t read yet. I love to read it at night after work or during a lazy weekend day. I’m especially into annotations because it means I can disconnect from the internet and just read… without having the urge to look anything up.

I don’t know if I have a favorite genre of book, but in general, I like classic or literary fiction. What about you? Take What Kind of Book Are You? and let me know what you get. And if you have any book or series recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Kind of Book Are You? Is it true for you?
  2. Are you planning on doing any summer reading? What are you looking forward to reading?
  3. Help! What book would you recommend for me to read? I like to read all sorts of things, and I’m kind of behind in picking things out this summer.
  4. Do you have a favorite reading spot? What’s it like?

16 replies on “Quiz: What Kind of Book Are You?”

1. Fantasy/Sci-fi. Accurate! Fantasy is my favourite genre if I had to identify just one (that or literary fiction).
2. Oh yes! Well some friends and I are rereading Harry Potter. I have a number of books that I own but haven’t read yet. Fire in the Blood and The Tennant of Wildfell Hall are books I really want to get to.
3. Off the top of my head: The Orphan’s Tales by Catherynne M. Valente (actually two books: in the night garden and in the cities of coin and spice) – imaginative, enchanting stories that use a structure similar to The Arabian Tales. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Daniel Deronda or Middlemarch by George Eliot. The Waves or To The Lighthouse by Virgina Woolf. The Moor’s Last Sight by Salman Rushdie. Pretty much anything by Barbara Kingsolver (Prodigal Summer is probably my favourite) and Margaret Atwood. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.
4. not particularly. I can read pretty much anywhere. I tend to forget my surroundings when I read.

These are great recommendations! I am also a long time Margaret Atwood fan, and I’m looking to read some Barbara Kingsolver for sure – as I’ve (strangely) only read her nonfiction. Enjoy your Harry Potter reading fest!

1. I got Mystery. I am intuitive, but I don’t think I’m a snoop. 😛
2. I always plan on reading over the summer. I’m trying to finish A Clash of Kings and I’d like to read the Book Thief and the Emotional Lives of Animals.
3. I recommend reading My Life in France (if you’re looking for something whimsical) , The Fault in Our Stars (if you’re looking for something moving) , and A Game of Thrones (if you’re looking for something captivating).
4. I don’t really have a favorite reading spot. If I’m fully engaged in a book, it doesn’t matter where I am. 🙂

I just started Game of Thrones this week, and I own ebooks of both the others you suggested. So I think we have pretty similar taste 🙂 I think the Book Thief looks really interesting too!

I got Humor. My current read is World War Z. Trying to read it before the movie. My latest go to recommendation is author Gillian Flynn. She has three books, Dark Places/Sharp Objects/Gone Girl. They are in the Thriller/Mystery genre. She’s a very good writer. I don’t have a reading spot. Just my chair or my bed but I’d love to have a room just for a library filled with great chairs and sofas and a great window seat.

Oh, yes! I have been meaning to read World War Z before I see the movie. You’re the second person who has recommended Gone Girl to me… gotta check that one out! 🙂

I got “You Are Fantasy / Sci Fi”–huh. I don’t know how insightful and creative I am, but I love both those genres! (And I’m definitely somewhat quirky and eccentric! :))

Do you like mysteries? I’d recommend any of the Gideon Oliver mysteries by Aaron Elkins, they’re excellent. And I’ve recently reread the Belgariad/Mallorean series by David Eddings, it’s great fun!

Elkins writes mysteries, and I love the ease of his writing style, his humor, and the characters he creates. Eddings is fantasy, and he openly admits that he used literary archetypes to plant “hooks” throughout his books–once you start one of his series, you will read the whole of it!


1. You Are Humor. I definitely love to laugh 😀
2. I’m always reading something, but I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Game of Thrones books!
3. Hmm have you read Game of Thrones? It’s a great (though depressing) series. The Matthew Shardlake and Charles Lennox mysteries are good series too
4. Comfy in my bed 😀

What do you get on What Kind of Book Are You? Is it true for you?

True-ish – I like a lot of funny memoirs.

Are you planning on doing any summer reading? What are you looking forward to reading?

I really want to read War and Peace. Also, Persuasion by Jane Austen.

Help! What book would you recommend for me to read? I like to read all sorts of things, and I’m kind of behind in picking things out this summer.

Um, this is too recursive to answer 🙂

Do you have a favorite reading spot? What’s it like?

Downstairs on my couch, with my feet up on an ottoman. Especially if my dog is on the ottoman cuddling me.

1. You Are Fantasy / Sci Fi (I’m more in the present than the future but I look forward to a better economy and am nostalgic sometimes)
2. If I do it’ll be books I mentioned on the blog about the 2 types of books
3. Perhaps a kids book (like the ones I mentioned on the other blog) or a book about planets, moons, and stars (with pictures)
4. My room it seems (I’m a shut-in)

What do you think?

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