New Quiz: The Owl Test

five colorful hand draw owls
Which of these owls do you like best? And what does it say about your personality?

When was the last time you saw an owl? I don’t see many owls living in the city, but if I get up early enough I’ll often see a barn owl at sunrise during my morning walks. And since it’s getting warmer out, I am going on walks earlier and earlier. So seeing an owl may just been in the cards for me.

I love owls – they’re so beautiful, mysterious, and even spooky. I was thinking about doing an owl themed quiz for a while, and I so happen to know that at least one of our readers is a huge owl fan. I’d love to do a quiz about owl types as far as personality goes, but I haven’t found or done any research on this yet. So I was instead inspired to do an owl image quiz after buying some great owl drawings by an independent artist. Each of the owls above immediately seemed to have distinct personalities to me. Do you agree?

Pick the owl you like best in The Owl Test, and see what it says about your personality. I tried to keep each outcome as owl inspired as possible, so I added bits in about your relationship to night and solitude – the two things owls are known for. Let me know what you think of your result, and owls in general, below.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Owl Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you see owls often? If so, where do you see them?
  3. Are you nocturnal like an owl? Or are you more of a day person?
  4. Owls are known for preferring solitude. Are you the same way?
  5. Take What’s Your Power Bird? Do you happen to get owl as a result? Or something else?

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14 replies on “New Quiz: The Owl Test”

I got “You are calculating”, it said some true stuff like how I see everything as a chess game, and do my best work at night. Though I wouldn’t call myself very solitary, i can be both extroverted and Introverted at times.

Not often do I see owls, and if I ever have seen owls it’s been once in a while, while being driven home or to someplace. I think I’ve seen more owls during the day than at night.

hmmmm, I would say I’m kind of both: I love the peace and quiet of the night, but I love it even more when I’m the only one home, then I can do whatever I want. Though while I love the night, I also fear it when I’m outside because you could say I have a fear of the unknown, wolves, coyotes, and even the darkness scares me. During the day I really love the warmth of the sun, being able to see the beauty all around, but during the day time I always think of how I have to go to school and then I dread it until after I get home. I mean I love school but I just hate getting up in the morning and sitting for quite a long time.

I can prefer solitude at certain times of the day, during school I might be very outgoing at sometimes, but by the end of the day I just don’t want to be disturbed and would like to be alone so I can listen, or dance to music. Really it just depends.

No I didn’t get owl, I got cardinal which kind of describes me..But I say that about everything, because no quiz can hit me spot on..Unless it’s a personality quiz about personality then it has a chance.

Sterling stuff Blogthings! ” Beautiful, mysterious, and even spooky” – that’s exactly what I associate with owls as well. And nocturnal, of course. Thank you ever so much for creating this quiz! Perhaps we can look forward to an abridged owl quiz in the future as well…

1. You Are Calculating

You’re the type who always has the gears turning. You couldn’t stop thinking, even if you tried.
You see everything as a chess game, and you’re usually at least a few moves ahead. You can’t help but go that deep.

At night, you do your best thinking. In fact, it may be hard for you to concentrate unless it’s dark outside.
You like to work during off hours. You focus better when the you’re not in sync with the rest of the world.

For you, solitude is a huge part of your life. You spend quite a bit of time alone, and it’s by choice.
Even when you’re with others, you tend to hang back and keep to yourself. You only put yourself out there when it serves you.

Comment: Quite accurate. I can relate to Colourful and Confident as well.

2. I never get to see owls downtown where I live, however I live near a large field so perhaps they are up and going there at night…

3. The nocturnal/morning person question is an interesting one. I work best in the mornings, and prefer to begin and finish work early. At the same time, I’m most most inspired in the evenings and early night. Afternoon is the time I could do without… However, now being over 40 I tend to value sleep more than 10 years ago, so I seldom fall sleep later than midnight even when being on holiday. Boring but true.

4. I prefer solitude a great deal, but love having interesting discussions with close family members and friends. Small talk is IMO mostly boring but I do handle it well whenever the situation calls for it. Am a great communicator but need my own space and solitude as well.

5. Love the Power Bird quiz, I’ve taken it before. I got Eagle this time. Both the Eagle and Owl descriptions fit.

Once again, thanks for giving us an Owl quiz. Perhaps we may get to see an abridged one in future… keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

I received the You are Classy result. I love solitude very much and I am very nocturnal. I have never seen an owl in person. There’s a lot of trees where I live but somehow I have never seen one.

I chose the You Are Colorful owl. It’s accurate. I do not see owls often but I’m fairly certain I heard one just outside my window not too long ago. I can be fairly nocturnal sometimes. I need solitude but I can get too solitary. Balance is good. My power bird result was Owl.

1. You Are Calculating. Oh jeez, YES haha..I never stop thinking! I definitely need my solitude and I do hang back a lot
2. No, though I did see one in a tree in mom’s yard once. I’ve also seen them like at showings and stuff..they’re so cool!
3. I like some of the night, but them I get tired and I love sleeping. 😛 I like the evening too
4. Yeah, though I get lonely too. It just depends on my mood 😛
5. I got a cardinal 🙂

I find solitude / loneliness are a difficult balance for me to strike. I need solitude to decompress, but too much is kinda depressing.

I did some research on common owls, and it seems like they are more prevalent in Southern states. I have a whole slew of nocturnal creatures that go running away the minute I bring out my dog in the middle of the night! I can only imagine owls are part of that mix 😉

What do you get on The Owl Test? Is it true for you?

I got confident. I think it’s mostly true, but I’m not that outgoing.

Do you see owls often? If so, where do you see them?

Only occasionally in the early morning.

Are you nocturnal like an owl? Or are you more of a day person?

A little. I like to get up between 8:30 and 9:30 AM, and I wake up slowly.

Owls are known for preferring solitude. Are you the same way?

I need some solitude, but even a couple hours can give me what I need.

Take What’s Your Power Bird? Do you happen to get owl as a result? Or something else?

Cardinal, and I love the description.

1. You Are Colorful (decsription fits me to a T)
2. Nope
3. Night owl (though my sleeping/waking schedule often changes)
4. Yes (not complete silence all day though)
5. Your Power Bird is a Vulture

What do you think?

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