New Quiz: The Beach Postcard Test

six different beach postcards
What beach postcard would you send?

Do you love the beach? I do. I will admit that I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my beach preferences. I like gray and cold over sunny and warm. (Though sunny and warm is quite nice as well!) I love to walk along the ocean, stare out at the waves, and just contemplate things. My favorite beach is an isolated beach – like the ones you get in New England during the winter.

I was thinking about the beach recently and missing it, since I haven’t been in a few months. Yup, the last time I went to the beach was in winter. I’m just crazy that way! Anyway, I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much time I can go without my beach time. I feel a bit landlocked without seeing the ocean. It’s not surprising that beach destinations are some of the most popular in the world.

Even though I only live a half day’s drive from the beach here in Texas, I don’t have time to get away right now. So I decided to do the next best thing – write myself a quiz. And of course share it with you all. If you’re missing the beach as much as I am, you may really enjoyΒ The Beach Postcard Test. Pick the postcard of your ideal beach vacation, and see what it says about you. And please comment below to discuss your result.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Beach Postcard Test?Β Is it true for you?
  2. Have you been to the beach before? When was the last time you went to the beach?
  3. What’s your favorite beach activity? Are you more of an active or a relaxation type?
  4. If you could visit any beach in the world, which one would you choose?

17 replies on “New Quiz: The Beach Postcard Test”

My Ideal Beach Vacation Is Cozy.

It is indeed. I’m lucky to have not one but two beaches within a ten-mile radius of me, sandy beaches at that, It’s seldom as warm here in Ireland as it is in America, but I’d still love to live right next to one of those beaches.

I’d hardly ever have to wear shoes except to go to work or the shops. I’m one of those rare people who don’t like shoes.

Your Ideal Beach Vacation Is Cozy

Your idea of a day at the beach is one that feels as natural and as homey as possible.
You dream of living at the beach, and even if you can’t live there permanently, you’d like to be there a while.

Your dream beach getaway would place you right on the beach with your own private quarters.
You’d love to wake up to a beach sunrise and wind down with a beach sunset. And listen to the ocean crashing as you sleep.

For you, the beach is a place to get warm and sleepy. Once you get comfortable, you never want to leave.
More than any type, you belong on the coast permanently. If it isn’t already, then it should be your home.

It’s true! I have been to the beach, it’s still my favorite summer hangout for any time. I’m definitely a relaxation type. My fave beach is the one nearest to home.

My result is Contemplative, and that’s perfectly true. Whenever I’m restless, i need to go to the beach. The sound of the waves would calm my nerves. I could sit for hours just listening to the waves. It’s been awhile though, since the last time I went to the beach. If I could go to any beaches right now, I’d like to go to Raja Ampat in West Papua.

Wow! I just Googled Raja Ampat… amazing! I’m adding that one to my list for sure πŸ™‚

I agree about the sound of the waves. I think there is something primal in them that calms us all.

I got Fun. Absolutely. I love the beach and I’ll join in any beach fun but its been awhile. Too long. I am more of a relaxer though I suppose. Don’t surf or anything. I want to go to ALL beaches. Hawaii, West Coast, East Coast, Australia, Mediterranean beaches…. Galveston has always been my home beach. πŸ™‚ You saying that you like cloudy, cold beaches reminds me of my daughter who likes to be at the beach in the rain.

Awww, your daughter has good taste! πŸ™‚

I like your beach philosophy of “all the beaches”! I love every beach too. Just being there is enough. Love Galveston… I still need to take my husband there.

Your Ideal Beach Vacation is Contemplative. Sounds good to me!

The last time I was at the beach was January in nice!

Cozy..absolutely correct ..I live on the coast but can’t actually see the sea..but I know it is not far away..

Your Ideal Beach Vacation is Contemplative

Your idea of a day at the beach includes really getting away from it all. You want to take a break from life.
You don’t need many of the typical beach amenities. You just would like some peace and quiet.

Your dream beach getaway would be in a remote spot far away from it all. You’d love to stay at a guest house or small hotel.
Since you just need the bare minimum, there’s no reason to be near all the tourists. You can fend for yourself.

For you, the beach is where you disconnect. It’s where you get away from the modern world and all of its chaos.
More than any other type, you immerse yourself in the beach experience. No cell phones. No laptops!

Comment: True. I tend to value relaxation and recovery more now that I’m a little older and wiser, and sometimes also lead a hectic worklife.

It’s been way too long since I had a beach vacation, more exactly in Sept 2010 in southern France (Nice). That’s also the place that I’d love to return to. Close to downtown, palms and orange trees, cosmopolitan atmosphere and a beautiful beach. And the sea. Love staying and walking along the sea.

Gtw, fhe fill-in function works now. Apparently it was the temporarily used PC that suffered from a technical error, while mine at home works well. Good.

Yes, agreed, relaxation and recovery are so important!

My mom spent a lot of time in Europe before I was born (both in Scandinavia with her family and Germany with my dad’s job), and I know she absolutely loved Nice. I’d like to visit there one day!

I’m glad the fill-in works for you. I did some research, and I think it’s a newer programming feature that doesn’t work in very old web browsers πŸ™‚

1) What do you get on The Beach Postcard Test? Is it true for you?

Cozy! Yes πŸ™‚ I am feeling particularly cozy today on a spring rainy day.

2) Have you been to the beach before? When was the last time you went to the beach?

I have, and I used to live within walking distance of the beach. The last time I went was in December.

3) What’s your favorite beach activity? Are you more of an active or a relaxation type?

Just walking along the beach and being out in nature.

4) If you could visit any beach in the world, which one would you choose?

Either Egypt Beach outside Boston or Byron Bay Australia.

1. I’m a mix of fun and cozy
2. Once in California when I was little
3. Don’t know. Mainly relaxation with some active.
4. An island beach not far from civilization

What do you think?

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