New Quiz: What Kind of Party Should You Throw?

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What party should you host?

Are you a party person? I’m guessing that most of my fellow introvert readers don’t exactly love parties – at least, not traditional ones. I sometimes like parties. It depends on the type of party and the mood that I’m in. I will admit that parties aren’t the easiest for a hardcore introvert like myself. However, I have met some interesting people at parties over the years, especially the more low key, conversational ones.

A friend recently suggested to me that some people who don’t like going to parties may actually really enjoy hosting parties. This makes a lot of sense to me. I’m most comfortable around people I know, so hosting my own party would ensure that. Also, hosting a party keeps the host quite busy, which can be a good distraction from social pressure.

I think whether it’s fun to host a party or not comes down to what type of party you’re hosting. More introverted types like myself may enjoy a quiet affair with close friends. More extroverted people (like my best friend in high school) may prefer a party full of surprises and lots of guests.  I personally love the idea of a party built around a theme or event, so that people have something to naturally talk about.

Thinking about the types of parties people could host depending on their personalities was an interesting exercise for me. It led to my latest quiz, What Kind of Party Should You Throw? Let me know what you got on this one, as well as what you think of parties in general.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Kind of Party Should You Throw? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you like parties? What kinds?
  3. Do you enjoy throwing parties? How often do you host parties?
  4. What was your best or worst party ever? What made it memorable?

19 replies on “New Quiz: What Kind of Party Should You Throw?”

BBQ “… a party that’s a casual and easygoing affair, with as many people attending as possible.
Unlike most people, you do well with mingling and small talk. You love the vibe of a chatty party. In your opinion, parties are a great way to get to know friends and acquaintances better. When in doubt, you invite someone. You don’t think it takes much to make a good party, and you don’t stress about it. All it takes is some good food and company. If you could, you’d throw a party every weekend. You’re a people person, and being around others helps you relax.
Of all the types, you are the best host. Entertaining others is just something you do easily and well.” This result is accurate except that I don’t like small talk anymore than anyone else and would rather avoid it. I like a casual party but I’d like to have any other kind of party as well. And, being around people doesn’t necessarily help me relax but if I’m “ON” then I really do enjoy good company. I am very interested in people. Parties were better when I used to younger, thinner and more confident.

I can relate to that. Parties were a lot more fun when I was younger as well. Aside from being cuter and more confident, I think being single made me more engaged. I’m happy to be married, of course, but as a result a lot of people (like 50%) seem a bit less interesting to me now 😉

1. Dress Up Party. I think it fits my personality. Though I would be more likely to host a game or movie night because my circle of friends is small. But if I COULD….

2. For the most part I’m not big on parties because I am shy, but every once and awhile I get in the mood for them. I don’t like parties that are too loud and crowded. I don’t drink beer so I hate parties where that is the only option because then I have nothing to relax me. I prefer parties that are either elegant or relaxed, with people I am comfortable around. Costumes are fun. Attending a Masquerade Ball is on my bucket list.

3. I don’t enjoy throwing parties, but that may be because my frame of reference is still the sort of parties college-age people throw. I really enjoyed throwing parties when I was in gradeschool & junior high so maybe I’d love throwing them again. I guess I just like having the option of leaving, especially when the parties I am now familiar with can go to all hours. I haven’t thrown a party since junior high (though I have helped coordinate events).

4. I’m guessing this means one that I’ve thrown? Probably a halloween party I threw when I was in 6th grade I think? We went all out with decorations and gift bags and everyone had a good time.

Yes! It is definitely my nightmare to want the evening to end and still having a ton of people at my place. In my experience, it’s sometimes hard to get people to leave gracefully 🙂 For this reason, I tend to socialize outside my home unless I know someone well enough to say “well, time for bed for me!”

I think a Masquerade Ball could be fun, especially for shyer types like us. I like the idea of being able to be a bit more coy 😉

1. You Should Throw a Games Night
2. Any kind (without alcohol drugs or smoking), except fancy ones, they bore me.
3. I’m not a party planner or a party animal
4. One of my birthdays where I asked for money and everyone pitched in

I only remember getting some fruit flavored popsicles I haven’t had before and Friday the 13th 2009 (not as good as I hoped), don’t remember what else I got.

1) What do you get on What Kind of Party Should You Throw? Is it true for you?

I got Movie Night, and I think it (or something like it) is true for me. I’d prefer to have a small group over with a planned activity. That could be anything from a movie to crafting to food tasting though 🙂

2) Do you like parties? What kinds?

I occasionally do, but not often. (How not often? Maybe just once or twice a year is right for me.) The biggest predictor of whether I’ll like a party is the people attending.

3) Do you enjoy throwing parties? How often do you host parties?

Not yet. I haven’t hosted any at my new place, but I wouldn’t mind doing a small one. My biggest fear is people sticking around when I’m ready to go to sleep.

4) What was your best or worst party ever? What made it memorable?

My favorite party memory is from a long time ago. I was invited over to a big bash at an acquaintance’s backyard in the middle of the city, and I brought a couple good friends. We immediately realized it wasn’t our scene at all, so we just sat at the very back of the yard chatting and people watching. (And yes, I know that this answer demonstrates my true introvert nature!)

My thoughts exactly about movie night (or game night)! I like having a bit of structure to a social event unless it’s a very small group.

I feel like regular parties are a little too small talk based for my taste, especially if I don’t know most of the people there. I can “fake it,” but I’m so exhausted after an hour in.

What do you think?

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