New Quiz: The Cereal Test

six different bowls of cereal
What kind of cereal are you?

Do you love breakfast cereal? I was addicted to it as a kid. I had it every morning for breakfast, often while watching cartoons (which often had commercials for the cereal I was eating). It was an integral part of my childhood, and I don’t think I outgrew cereal for breakfast until I was in my late teens. I’ll still have it occasionally for a quick fix or craving.

As an adult, I still like breakfast cereal just as much. I have switched from having it first thing in the morning to last thing at night. For some reason, a bowl of cereal is the nighttime snack I crave most… especially while I’m watching TV. I have asked around, and it seems like I’m not the only one with this unusual midnight snack craving.

Of course, many of us think that the cereal you choose has a lot to do with your personality. I tend to agree. My cereal choice has changed along with me over the years. When I was younger, I liked more sugary choices. As a older kid, I liked plainer cereal and lots of it. As I got into adulthood, and more responsible, I choose more whole grain type cereals.

What about you? Do you love cereal and think your choice says something about you? Takeย The Cereal Testย to find out.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Cereal Test?ย Is it true for you?
  2. Do you eat cereal? Do you eat it for breakfast? Or like me, do you eat it more as a snack?
  3. What was your favorite cereal as a kid? Do you have the same favorite as an adult?
  4. And since breakfast cereal and cartoons go so well together, what was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

14 replies on “New Quiz: The Cereal Test”

1. Mix of imaginative and harmonious
2. Whenever I feel like it
3. Golden Grahams (not as much anymore)
4. Arthur, the magic school bus, and blue’s clue’s (still love them)

I got “You Are Harmonious” and I TRY to fit that description! I do often eat cereal for breakfast, usually Honey Nut Cheerio (or some other healthy-but-sweetened kind), but not for snacking–unless you consider the way I eat it for breakfast as snacking (without milk, sort of like mini-cookies to go with my tea)!

I don’t remember my favorite childhood cereal, but my favorite childhood cartoon was the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Fractured Fairy Tales! Moose and Squirrel! Mr. Peabody and the Wabac Machine!

Oh goodness, I sure loved the Rocky and Bullwinkle show too. And eating cereal as a mini cookie with tea is a great idea. I’ve been looking for small, healthy-ish cookies for this purpose, but of course – cereal!

1) I got imaginative, which I think is true for me. If anything, I’m too imaginative!
2) As I mentioned above, I eat cereal (usually some type of Kashi) for a snack. I don’t keep it in the house too much, because I’ll eat the whole box quickly and get a tummy ache ๐Ÿ˜‰
3) My favorite cereal as a kid was Cheerios. I still like Cheerios, but I like Kashi Go Lean Crunch better.
4) My favorite cartoon was definitely the Smurfs, which I know dates me! I like one cartoon as an adult still…Adventure Time!

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