New Quiz: What Makes You Adorable?

collection of cream puffs
What do people adore about you?

Are you adorable? I like to think we’re all adorable in our own way. In fact, I think it’s the mark of a psychologically healthy person to find quirks adorable instead of annoying. Whenever someone I’m close to starts to annoy me, I try to remember that quirks or little differences are what make us unique. If you have the right frame of mind, so much that the people we love do can be considered adorable.

Even if you don’t consider yourself adorable, I bet there is at least someone who does. The great thing about being adorable is that it just means that someone finds you charming or delightful. While not all of us always feel attractive or lovable (whether you’re in a relationship or not doesn’t seem to matter for this), I think we can all be adorable.

I find a lot of things adorable in others, but probably the number one thing is genuineness. When someone is comfortable with being him or herself, I love that. Extra points if the person in question is a bit quirky or different. People who adore themselves are adorable. Simple as that. What’s not adorable? People who try too hard to in order to impress others. There is nothing charming about pretention!

Thinking about all of the different things I find adorable led my latest quiz: What Makes You Adorable? I made this one an image quiz, and I tried to pick the most adorable images I could find…cream puffs! Also, they might make you a bit hungry. Sorry about that 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Makes You Adorable? Is it true for you?
  2. What trait(s) do you find adorable in others?
  3. Have you ever felt adorable? Who made you feel that way?
  4. In your opinion, what’s not adorable?

8 replies on “New Quiz: What Makes You Adorable?”

First of all, all the cream puffs looked delicious! I got my dazzle makes me look adorable which is true! I’m very alluring without even trying to be. Your quizzes are always so accurate which is what I love about them! I find sweetness adorable because a nice sweet person is so positive and nice to be around! I also like colorfulness and a bit of intensity. I do feel adorable because I am myself and sometimes, I am very charming. What I don’t find adorable is nuttiness because I hate crazy people but a little bit of weirdness is fine with me!

1.Your Sweetness Makes You Adorable

The face you present to the world is caring and giving. You have a true love for humanity, and it shows.
If there’s ever a way that you can help someone in need, you’ll do it. You like to help.

On the inside, you are just as sweet as you seem – if not more so. You can’t fake sweetness.
In fact, you probably don’t consider yourself to be an unusually sweet person. You think compassion should be expected.

Your friends love you because you are always supportive and there for them. You are an excellent friend.
Everyone needs that person that they can count on no matter what in life, and you are that person to many.

OMG, this is such an adorable quiz!! This is really accurate, because I can be a really “feminine” person, if I say so myself :P.

2.I would nuttiness really adorable. I adore people who are not afraid to look stupid and be themselves!!

3. Almost every day. I like to think that being adorable your own way, you would get that back.

4. Not a lot, but selfishness and taking more than giving really turn me off, along with arrogance.

Yes! I agree that nuttiness is very adorable, and arrogance is total turn off 🙂 I agree that your result is true for you. You are a very sweet commenter, and I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

1. Your Intensity Makes You Adorable (I’d probably be more like this if I wasn’t lazy and socially anxious)
2. Shyness (especially little girls) and clinginess (for small animals babies and kids especially girls)
3. Not that I remember
4. Skimpy or revealing clothing and arrogance/haughtiness

What do you think?

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