New Quiz: What Kind of Essential Oil Are You?

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What essential oils suit you?

Are you into essential oils at all? All of a sudden, they have become a hot topic among my friends. Essential oils are aroma extractions from plants. They are said to have all sorts of mental and physical healing properties. I’m not so sure about that, but I do know they smell good. (Sometimes at least… I’m not a fan of the way tea tree oil smells! I’m more of a lavandar fan.)

Whether or not essential oils are actually effective in treating conditions, a lot has been written about their mood altering properties. Again, I’m not how accurate these claims are, but I think they’re fun to play around with. I like the idea of certain scents being energizing or  balancing. I know that smell can have a huge impact on my mood, especially when it comes to making me feel calm or grounded. The right smells can make me feel nostalgic, while other smells just make me feel calm.

I figure that there could be a link between scents and personalities if there is a link between scents and moods. After all, we have an idea of what a calm person or a passionate person is like personality-wise. Thinking about what certain scents are purported to do and linking them to personalities led me to my latest quiz: What Kind of Essential Oil Are You? This quiz will tell you what your personality type is, and it will give you which essential oils match up with it. Maybe it will even help you find your new favorite scent 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Kind of Essential Oil Are You? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you ever used essential oils? How did you use them?
  3. Do you think essential oils can have medicinal purposes?
  4. What scent(s) do you gravitate toward?
  5. Have you had a time where a certain scent changed your mood?

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You Are a Balancing Essential Oil

Achieving a balance in all aspects of your life is a priority for you. You don’t want to burn out.
You practice moderation as much as you can. You are turned off by extremism, even in yourself.

You help others see the bigger picture. You appreciate intense focus, but you think it can be damaging if people lack perspective.
You believe in the interconnectedness of life. Nothing exists in a vacuum. We have to weigh things against each other.

Your secret for living a balanced life is to just slow down and notice everything. Rushed people can’t be balanced.
Balanced essential oils that fit you perfectly are: rose, sandalwood, geranium, and sage.

It’s true for me, like most of your quizzes 🙂
I like using rose oil for perfumes, to calm down, for cramps, and for hair!!!
Yes they can have medicinal purposes.

I love scents that are subtle and sweet, like vanilla, lavender, chocolate, lilies, and roses!! I like these scents because (take out all that artificial chemical stuff), no matter how much you put on, you will never smell like you are overdoing it!! So none of that musky, guy cologne. If a guy wore my favorite scents, I would fall in love with him!! I hate strong, tough cologne.

Smelling subtle and sweet scents make me feel romantic, happy and stress-free. Oh, and food. 😀

Yay! I’m glad you are also a fan of essential oils, and I agree, it’s hard to overdo them. I’ve never smelled rose oil though… I’ll have to check that out 🙂

1. “You Are a Relaxing Essential Oil” Well, I WANT to be.

2. No–I don’t actually like heavy fragrance around me.

3. Well…I think it could, because when you smell something, atoms of the thing you are smelling are in your nose, so you’re sort of ingesting it. (Which is not good to think about when it’s an icky smell!)

4. I like clean, fresh smells, like ozone, or no smells at all.

5. Smell is a very primal sense, I think it would have to be able to affect moods, but I can’t think of anything. (Well, except the smell of something baking makes me hungry! :D)

1. You Are a Balancing Essential Oil (seems like me)
2. Not that I remember
3. Maybe
4. Are rain and citrus options?
5. Don’t remember right now.

What do you think?

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