New Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Animal?

wolf in the forest howling
What animal guides you?

Do you have a spirit animal? A spirit animal is an animal that shares your traits. In particular, imagining your spirit animal is supposed to ground you, balance you, and lead you during difficult times. A spirit animal or power animal is a shamanistic concept that has been around for hundreds of years. The idea of adopting a spirit animal among non-shamans only became popular in the 1980s.

When someone suggested this quiz topic to me on Facebook, I immediately jumped on it. I am a huge animal lover. I also love the idea of anything that can sooth us or help us during difficult times. Spirit animals have been considered to be empowering and even essential for certain cultures. Everyone should have one 🙂

Some people say that the best way to find your spirit animal is through quiet reflection. I definitely recommend this approach if you feel like it would be useful. I have tried to do this myself from time to time, but I always draw a blank. (Unless my spirit animal is a monkey… and I kinda doubt that!)

So, as I like to say about Blogthings… “We have a quiz for that!” My latest quiz will help you figure out your spirit animal: What’s Your Spirit Animal? I based it on old fashioned, cross cultural animal meanings and significances. Even if the animal you get isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, hopefully this quiz will set you in the right direction.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Spirit Animal? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you have an animal that you feel a strong kinship with?
  3. Who do you get along better with – animals or people?
  4. Have you ever rescued an animal?

27 replies on “New Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Animal?”

1 – Wolf, pretty much.
2 – Crows.
3 – Animals. E.g. I can touch dogs who bite anyone else.
4 – All the time. Mostly small ones like spiders but also birds.

1. “Like a wolf, you have a strong appetite for freedom. You don’t like anyone telling you what to do.
You don’t like anyone to threaten your way of life or autonomy. You value your independence above all else.

You are sharp and intuitive. You act quickly and decisively. You do good in any sort of competitive situation.
You rely on your inner teacher. You have enough patience to learn almost anything, and you’re quite knowledgeable.

You are loyal to your community and pack. You feel lost whenever you have to strike out on your own.
You give support, advice, and love to those around you. And you rely on them for the same.” Soooo yeaaahhh, I got a wolf for “What’s Your Spirit Animal?” :3. I think it’s definitely true about me.

2. When I was younger than 5, I used to be afraid of dogs, because my uncle’s German Shepherd would jump on me and knock me down out of excitement to see me and I used to have EXTREMELY sensitive ears when I was that young, so whenever a dog or dogs would bark, I’d have to cover my ears because the sound would be too loud for me to stand. But at the age of 5, I started liking dogs, and slowly, as I got older and older, my ears became used to their barks and some other non-dog sounds, such as passing trains. But now, I’m more interested in wolves than dogs, and they’re my favorite animal now.

3. Animals, definitely animals.

4. No, but that’s good. That means there’s not many strays on my streets! c: I’ve seen like 3 strays, though. The first time was when I walked out of a store, I saw a puppy, but I had just moved to where I live now about a year or so ago and didn’t know what to do or who to call. The 2nd time was when I saw this stray dog, so then I set some water out for it, but then it ran away. And the 3rd time (the most recent stray encounter) was when I was driving my car home and I saw a dirty seemingly stray Shih Tzu walk out from the area of an old creepy-looking house that was for sale at the time (they eventually smashed down the house to pieces because it was old and creepy-looking, so nobody wanted to buy it), but by the time I saw the Shih Tzu, it was too late. No, it hadn’t died when I saw it or anything, but I already had passed by the area, so I would’ve had to go around in circles to get back, and the Shih Tzu probably would’ve ran away by the time I had arrived to the street again.

1) You Are a Hawk

Like the hawk, you are the messenger from the spiritual world. You’re always encouraging people to be more spiritual.
You aren’t necessarily religious, and you certainly don’t push any dogma. You simply want others to find a deeper meaning in life.

You are sharp and focused. You can totally and completely clear your mind when you need to concentrate on something important.
You have the power to see the full picture of what is going on. You also tend to be good at predicting the future.

You don’t always step up to be a leader, but you are willing to take the lead when the time is right. You wait for your time.
You have a broader perspective than those around you. Because of this perspective, you are willing to be patient and let things unfold.

1-B) It’s pretty accurate, with the exception of encouraging other’s spirituality. So, good job. Coincidentally, the Red-tailed Hawk is one of my three spirit guides – another being the Wolf. The third is actually the Dragon.

There are many ways to find your spirit guides. Maybe yours is indeed the monkey. I have always been drawn to the wolf, even though for most of my youth my favorite animal was the Siberian Tiger (and big cats in general) I always felt a deep connection with the wolf. Many of their characteristics are ones which I have long felt are deeply ingrained in me.

The red-tailed hawk came to me through its physical being. I had never really seen any, except for a few perched on lamp posts by the roads and I can’t be certain that those weren’t falcons. But a few years back, I began seeing them circling overhead everywhere I went – outside the grocery store, at a local park, over my house. There were instances where they would fly over my house multiple times, sometimes it would even be a pair of hawks, and close enough for me to distinguish their reddish-orange hued plumage. It was amazing. Now I ask you, who could ignore that?

The dragon came to me through dreams I began having a few years ago. Dreams that were so intense and realistic, the like of which I’d never before had nor have had since. I also have a dragon pendant that I picked up when I was about eighteen which I’ve always loved and treasured; even now when I wear it, it feels almost as if it’s attached to me physically and spiritually. I have also been contemplating getting a large mirror-image dragon tattoo on my back, so I can always carry the dragon with me. I have no tattoos and haven’t really desired one until now.

2) Does my awesome dog Daisy (aka Dais, aka Fuzzy Face, aka Snuggle Bear) count? Seriously though, I obviously feel a great affinity with my spirit animals. Other than that, I’ve always loved big cats, birds of prey, and the fierce wolverine. Also, my favorite dog breed is the English Mastiff, likely because I share some of their characteristics – loyal, a bit of a goof, laid-backed but capable of becoming aggressive quickly if provoked, and extremely protective.

3) Depends on the individual, whether human or animal. I’ll add that I’m slightly misanthropic.

4) No, can’t say that I have.

I love your analysis here! And my dog is totally my spirit animal too 🙂 I love mastiffs – my dog is a bully breed… half bully maybe half German Shepherd.

You Are a Crow

Like a crow, you are a mysterious and sometimes powerful force. People even wonder if you have a little magic up your sleeve.
You may or may not believe in special powers, but you are attracted to the darker side of life. You are fascinated with the unknown.

You are a big believer in destiny. Personal transformation doesn’t frighten you – it’s getting you closer to your fate.
You are intelligent and perceptive. You are ready to leap forward and take a risk when the time is right.

You are flexible and adaptable. You will gladly change to survive in this world … You are easily remade.
You are mischievous and even a bit of a trickster. People know that you’re manipulative, but they still come back for more.

You Are a Bear

Like a bear, you are strong and confident. You don’t second guess or doubt yourself.
You are tough in the face of adversity. If anything, having a challenge sharpens your mind and senses.

You are born to lead, and you have no trouble taking action when the time is right. You are very proactive.
You are rough when you need to be, but you are rarely hard on those in your life. You are a caretaker.

You know a lot about healing and emphasize its importance. You know how to heal yourself and others.
You take a lot of time for quiet, solitude, and rest. You don’t exert yourself unless it’s necessary.

Okay, I honestly fully agree with this!! I have always felt kinships with bears and admire that they like to protect people they care about, while being fierce along with it.

I get along with both.

1. “You Are an Owl

“Like the owl, you are highly intuitive. You can trust your instincts above all else, and you listen to your inner guide.
You can see what others don’t or won’t see. You see everyone for who they truly are, and that frightens them.

“You are a natural lie detector. You can see past masks and facades. No one can hide from you.
You have a quiet and gentle wisdom. You don’t go around bragging about how smart or wise you are.

“You are good at uncovering potential in yourself and others. You are a catalyst for positive growth and change.
You have a lot of creative and dynamic energy. You are focused on all of the possibilities in life.”

I had trouble on the last question, which seemed to change my results every time I chose a different answer. This would’ve been the most accurate, though. If I ignore my intuition, it comes back to bite me in the butt. It’s a mistake that’s not worth repeating, and I believe I do see people for who and what they truly are. It comes naturally to me after certain experiences in my early youth.

2. I’ve loved butterflies ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been drawn to them all my life, even incorporating them into the design of my wedding ring and tattoo. In fact, my first name is also the name of a genus of butterflies, such as the Vanessa cardui, also known as the American painted lady butterfly. Symbolically, butterflies represent transformation, freedom, happiness and, of course, love. That is why the butterfly is my chosen animal totem.

3. Probably animals. My husband, bandmates and especially my sisters (who work at animal shelters) would agree.

4. I brake for animals, and also rescued a Chow from animal control with my sister (she ended up there because someone mean called animal control). I actually took off work to go pick her up once I called and got the address. We couldn’t keep her but we did get her to a rescue shelter. She was in really bad shape (cherry eye, missing fur, bloody paws), and on top of that the animal control people had inflicted abuse on her, even though she was harmless (she gave me doggie kisses the minute I got to her cage and took her out). She was restored to health, and adopted by a nice family two weeks after we got her to the shelter.

And the Chow wasn’t a stray, either. She had been spayed before according to the vet at the shelter, which means she had been previously owned before she showed up on our front porch. She hung out there for about a week before someone (who shall remain nameless) called animal control.

I love how butterflies have been an inspiration to you. I can only imagine how beautiful your ring and tattoo are 🙂

I am so tickled by your Chow rescue story. I’m glad she found a nice and safe home!

1. I got “You are a Bear”, and at least parts of it I recognize in me–I like to think I’m tough in adversity, I am a caretaker, I’m rather interested in healing, and I do like solitude! (I’m not so sure about the leader bit, though. :))

2. I always had a thing for the big cats…

3. I haven’t had a lot to do with animals, but other people’s pets have always seemed attracted to me, which is not necessarily the case with the people. 😀

4. Well, no. But to be fair, such an opportunity has never come my way!

1. What do you get on What’s Your Spirit Animal? Is it true for you?: I get “You are a Snake.” on What’s Your Spirit Animal. No it is not true for me.

2. Do you have an animal that you feel a strong kinship with?: Yes.

3. Who do you get along better with – animals or people?: Animals.

4. Have you ever rescued an animal?: Yes.

1.Q:What do you get on What’s Your Spirit Animal? Is it true for you?
A: A Crow. No I’m not that mysterious. Yes I am attracted to “dark” things.
Yes I do get called intelligent and perceptive a lot. And I capable of remaking
myself. Also I can be a mischief maker 😉

2. Q :Do you have an animal that you feel a strong kinship with?
A: Cats. Since I used to have recurring dreams for awhile featuring them.
Also a guy told me that I remind him of a Tiger once.

3.Who do you get along better with – animals or people?
A: Animals. You have to be a rather “special” kind of person to get along with me 😉

4. Have you ever rescued an animal?
A: Yes a Bird.

It’s meant to be a : After Q for Question 2 and then the word Do following after that.
I guess I typed : and D too closely together, so it created the 😀 emote instead!

1. You Are a Hawk: describes me pretty well, though I have a problem with social anxiety
2. N/A
3. Little kids (especially girls), babies, certain kinds of birds, and cats.
4. No

The snake describes me somewhat too, but I don’t have a lot of primal energy and life force, I’m not enticing and charming, I’m not charismatic, and I don’t get a lot of energy and balance from nature

What do you think?

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