New Quiz: When Should You Travel in Time?

landscape from an undiscovered planet
What era of time should you see?

Are you interested in time travel? I have been interested in time travel for a long time – ever since I saw the Back to the Future movies growing up. I loved to imagine how exciting it would be to see when your parents grew up… or when your children would grow up. I was immediately hooked on the idea of traveling through time.

Once I grew up, I became a much nerdier fan of science fiction, and time travel is still as intriguing to me. I’m fascinated with visiting all sorts of past events, as well as exploring the future. Even more fascinating to me is the idea of alternate histories, crossing timelines, and changing the way events unfold. I love to see how different writers deal with the philosophy of time travel. And I like to come up with my own predictions about what would happen.

I’ve still think I’d like to travel in time, but it would be scary! I’d be afraid of doing something dumb and changing the world forever. I’d also be afraid to see how the future turns out – although curiosity would get the better of me. I’d be most excited to see if history describes the past accurately.

Would you like to travel through time and space? If you would, then take my latest quiz:Β Β When Should You Travel in Time?Β It will tell you when you should most travel to. You’ll have to figure out the where part πŸ˜‰

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on When Should You Travel in Time?Β Is it true for you?
  2. Would you like to travel through time? When and where would you most like to go to?
  3. Do you think time travel will be possible one day?
  4. What is your favorite book, movie, or television show dealing with time travel?

9 replies on “New Quiz: When Should You Travel in Time?”

That was scary accurate. I got Distant Future, which said I don’t want to live an ordinary life, and that I’m not afraid to explore dark and scary things. ‘Tis true; I starve for adventure, for the impossible, for the storybooks to jump at me and capture me in a crazy tale. Oh, how I yearn for it so.

My result was i should travel in the near past and that is true with me because im always reminicising on certain memories of my childhood. I would like to travel through time and if i was able to i would travel to some moments of my childhood and the early and mid 90s. I believe time travel will be possible one day. Right now i dont have a favorite time travel book or movie

I’d like to see more of what the 50’s were like. A black person told me once he’d like it if America was more like the 50’s minus the racism.
It might already be possible but risky
Don’t know right now.

I got “You Should Travel to the Near Past”, and I wasn’t sure if it fit, but “Of all the types, you are the one least likely to need time travel”–that does make sense. I don’t think I really want to time travel particularly–I don’t feel the need–but it might be nice to revisit some of my childhood, see it from an adult perspective, maybe even have a nice visit with myself!

What do you think?

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