New Quiz: Are You Yolo, Fomo, or Jomo?

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How do you live your life?

Have you heard of YOLO? It’s pretty hard to avoid this acronym meaning “you only live once.” A lot of people don’t like the term, but I like the spirit of it… if not the current application. I think “you only live once” is a good thing to keep in mind, at least, if you believe it 🙂 Reminding yourself to have unforgettable experiences is important. And I always worry about regretting what I didn’t do.

Similar to YOLO is FOMO. That’s “fear of missing out.” I see this one as more of a mixed bag. I think it’s good not to miss out and get outside of one’s comfort zone. However, if all of your decisions are driven by fear of missing out, then it’s hard to know what you really want. I will totally cop to being a little too prone to have fear of missing out. As a result, I try to do too much and get tired. I also get a little jealous of people who get to have cool experiences 🙂

Something I learned about recently is JOMO – the “joy in missing out.” I thought this was a fun twist on these new motto acronyms and quite profound. There’s something quite peaceful about chilling out instead of going out. At least in moderate doses.

Thinking about YOLO, FOMO, and JOMO of course led me to write a quiz about it.  Are You Yolo, Fomo, or Jomo? Give it a whirl to see which of these mottos you most espouse.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on Are You Yolo, Fomo, or Jomo? Is it true for you?
  2. What are you most afraid of missing out on (FOMO)?
  3. What are you happiest to miss out on (JOMO)?
  4. Do you embrace “you only live once” (YOMO) in any way?

5 replies on “New Quiz: Are You Yolo, Fomo, or Jomo?”

1. You Are YOLO (I think so)
2. Being able to make something amazing (for me a game), helping someone else do it, or getting them to make what I want
3. Parties with alcohol and/or drugs
4. I like to have fun whenever possible (particularly theme parks and festivals)

1. JOMO — Mostly true, but I do tend to think I’m missing out on the fun stuff and feel bad at the time. Eventually though, I’m like “eh.”
2. Fun
3. Drama
4. When eating. I enjoy every savory and sweet morsel! 🙂

You Are JOMO

Your personal motto can best be described as JOMO: ‘Joy of Missing Out’
You know what makes you happy, and it’s the little things. You are content with your life as is.

You follow your own path, and you rarely feel jealous of other people’s lives. You may be missing out, and that’s fine.
In fact, you care so little about missing out that you may refuse invitations that sound fun just because you’re not up to it.

Most everyone should strive to have your Zen attitude. You don’t suffer from the chains of desire.
Just make sure you’re not getting too complacent. You may have contentment, but you need a little excitement too.

Comment: Fits me to a T!! Both the others would’ve been totally inaccurate.

Mostly I enjoy missing out of parties. Have seen too many of them going off the rails, always someone drinking too much or making a move of someone. Work parties are worst. In my present job, though, we’re not having such experiences, presumably as we only arrange early evening events between 5 and 8 pm or similar. I prefer small groups of 4 before 20. Not being shy but wanna focus on all people in my company and having meaningful conversations.

What do you think?

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