New Quiz: What’s Your Birth Color?

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What color were you born into?

Did you know that birthday quizzes are some of the most popular quizzes on Blogthings. It’s true! I really enjoy writing them too, because I know how special our birthdays are to us. I try to mix things up a little and write birthday quizzes that are both astrology and non-astrology based. Luckily, there are lots of areas to draw from when considering birthdays, and I’ve had a lot of fun flexing my creativity with these quizzes.

For example, I recently ran across a wheel of birth colors in a book I was browsing through. I found the concept intriguing. Instead of basing birth colors on astrology, they were simply based on when someone is born and what color is traditionally associated with that time. The author then went to talk about the personality characteristics that each color represented. I thought, “This would be a really cool topic for a quiz!”

Anyway, I did some more research on this birth color theory, and came up with What’s Your Birth Color? I think color aficionados will enjoy this test, as well as anyone who feels a bit dissatisfied or unmatched with their astrological sign and / or gemstone. I found that my birth color (Indigo) was an interesting complement to my normal star sign (Aquarius). I liked that my birth color seemed to represent, a calmer, more mature version of myself.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get for What’s Your Birth Color? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you associate a specific color with your birthday or the time you were born?
  3. Do you think your birth color or astrological sign is more accurate?
  4. What was your favorite color as a child? Is it still your favorite color as an adult?

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19 replies on “New Quiz: What’s Your Birth Color?”

1. I got Olive. The text sounded quite accurate. It’s also fun fact that one nickname that I sometimes use on the internet (Zeituni) means ‘olive’ in Swahili! 😀
I also retook this test to find out my crush’s colour (red), and that seemed mostly true too.

2. I haven’t thought about special color for my birthday, but I think that each month has it’s own colour, same as days of the week and even some numbers. (For example, four is purple, and two is red.)

3. In zodiak my sign is Gemini, but I’m not so typical one. I’m not so flirtatious and social, yet some things are accurate, for example curiosity. However, I have a feeling that I’m going to be more like Gemini soon. Birth colour olive told me it’s about change and awakening, which kinda links it to that.

4. I guess I had several favourites as a child, and it changed few times. At least blue was one, and I also liked green. Nowadays I still like many colours such as those too, but red has become my power colour and first favourite along with green.

My results were accurate. My birth color was green. I do believe in the importance of healing and renewal. But this is only possible if you forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and forgive others who have hurt you as well. A clear conscience is the first step to healing.

1. I got Scarlet. Maybe 70% accurate about me.
2. Yes. Pink.
3. Astrology Sign.
4. Pink. No. Purple is my fav color as an Adult.

1. Your Birth Color is Red

“Above all else, you have a huge amount of energy. You just require less downtime and rest than most people.
You have courage when others lack guts. You are willing to take a risk, especially when you might get all the glory at the end.

“You are passionate in all aspects of your life, especially romance. When you find the perfect partner, you don’t let anything stand in your way.
You have plenty of passion in love, but you lack extreme infatuation. You seek a more mature, deep love than just a crush or fling offers.

“You have a lot of inner strength, and that strength is sparked by your drive. You are extremely ambitious.
You are willing to work hard and be tenacious today in order to harvest the fruits of your labor tomorrow.”

Actually, this result is so accurate it’s scary, especially as far as the second paragraph goes. I’m really not interested in light flirtations or casual flings and I don’t care for the single life; in fact I enjoy committed relationships and especially love marriage. I never believed in “sowing wild oats.” I’m much happier devoting myself to someone special.

2. I always thought of my birth color as being lavender or orchid purple, though this may also have something to do with my result for another quiz, “What Color Is Your Birthday?” in which my result was purple.

3. Because my birthday is close to the cusp (though not directly on the cusp), I do retain a few Sagittarian tendencies. But make no mistake, I am an obstinate, devoted, passionate, possessive Scorpio (with a moon in Virgo and a Taurus rising, no less!). Still, it’s hard to say whether my birth color or zodiac sign is more accurate, since each is associated with the other.

4. My favorite color tends to change every few years. I remember being as young as three and liking pure blue tones up until I turned eight, at which point my favorite color was violet. Then I liked yellow, gold and soft pink until I was thirteen. Then I liked blue again up until I was sixteen. From that age to twenty-four, I liked pink, then it was lavender and bright shades of purple. Currently, my eye is drawn to anything red. I’ve always liked red gemstones like ruby, red jasper, carnelian and garnet. I love it as an accent color in clothing, and red lipstick is an everyday thing for me. And of course, it’s a Scorpio color (I love being a Scorpio!). Who knows what my color preferences will be in the next few years? Maybe I’ll like green or brown (I’m a fan of earth tones), but not gray. Never gray.

Ooh, yes! I’m like you. I change my color every few years as well. I go through phases. Right now, it’s actually deep orange – which I never would have predicted 🙂

That’s actually my husband’s birth color! 🙂 But he, himself, prefers blue, another color associated with his sign (Virgo).

Red ! Maybe parts of this are true. I have taken risks…don’t mind that…but amazingly energetic ! No ! That is not me..Much of my life I disliked Red..and I have been a lover of all shades of purple for as long as I can remember.

I got “Your Birth Color is Scarlet”, and parts of the description ring true–I am very protective! And I guess I’m as strong as I need to be, anyway. But…well, does doing t’ai chi count as taking care of your body? 🙂

I vaguely remember my favorite color as a child being blue, and as a young adult it was definitely bright red (or scarlet)–but now it’s purple/amethyst. I’m not sure what that means!

Oh yes! T’ai chi definitely counts as taking care of your body in my book. I think the most important thing about physical activity is consistency. At least, that’s what I tell myself when it comes to yoga 🙂

Your Birth Color is Indigo

More than anything else, you are wise. You are prudent and discerning.
You prefer to withhold judgment whenever possible, but when you do have to judge someone or something, you do so accurately.

You are quite emotionally and intellectually mature. And it’s likely that your maturity came at an early age.
Despite your precociousness, you are likely to have a long, healthy, and prosperous life. You will master many subjects.

Above all else, you are a truth seeker. Your truth seeking has set you on a bit of a spiritual journey.
You want to experience so much in this world, but you are more than a tourist. You are a traveler who brings dignity to the process.

Comment: The analysis is kind of 100% accurate. On the headline… the colour indigo does look different when you google on it, anyhow it’s a nice one.

Astrology is accurate in my case when it comes to star signs (Capricorn), however I don’t believe in horoscopes telling you what’s gonna happen tomorrow or in future.

My fave colour as a child was red, and still is along with green, black and medium blue (I can’t stand dark blue except for in the sky!). Never liked black as a child, but started doing in my teens. The opposite goes for yellow.

What do you think?

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