New Quiz: How Are You Out of This World?

four different windows looking out into outer space
What do you see when you look out into space?

Do you love to look out into space? I have to say that star gazing is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Here in the city, I don’t always get the best view of the stars. Luckily, I do live in an urban neighborhood with very few streetlights, so I can see some stars most nights. And every so often I get a clear night when I can see many stars. On those nights, no matter how chilly or warm it is, I like to stand outside and look up for at least a few minutes.

Growing up in a small mountain town, I was able to see the stars almost every single night. I miss those quiet starry nights and the amazing things I was able to see. Seeing stars and the occasional planet is both thrilling and calming for me. When I can’t stargaze, I usually will watch a Dr. Who episode instead. I need to get my space fix somehow!

What about you? Do you find space as interesting or inspiring as I do? If I recall correctly, Blogthings has at least a few astronomy fans lurking about. My latest image quiz was inspired by the illustrations I found above – a collection of windows looking out into space. I felt like it would be fun to write a quiz that links your relationship with space to the image you choose. Here you go: How Are You Out of This World?

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on How Are You Out of This World? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you enjoy stargazing or astronomy as a hobby? How often do you do it?
  3. Would you like to travel to outer space? What part of space would you like to visit?

5 replies on “New Quiz: How Are You Out of This World?”

1. I got Ambitious as result, with Thoughtful coming second – both are right, however the latter analysis describes more accurate my view on the universe. Superbly expressed by you Kari.

2. Love astronomy and practise star-gazing sometimes during the summer and early autumn. I’d love to learn more about this area, it’s so indescribably intriguing and fascinating, in both philosophy and science terms.

3. Took your quiz “What Planet Are You From?” and got Pluto. The description fits like a glove, however that planet’s too small and far away from the sun to make me relate to it. If throwing away all realistic factors such as temperature and atmosphere conditions, I’d love to visit the moon (possible) and Jupiter (unrealistic) – a large planet, a mysterious and cool name, and situated relatively (!!!) close to earth but further away from the sun than us, so exciting anyway. AND not visited yet, nor is anyone planning to visit it like Mars. Jupiter’s my fave.

You Are Out of this World Creative

Of all the types, you are the most likely to create a story that takes place in outer space.
You find other worlds to be inspiring. You don’t like the idea of us being the only ones out there.

The planet you are most connected to is Venus. Like Venus, you are drawn to beauty and anything that delights the senses.
Your ability to tap into color, music, comfort, and indulgence makes you a natural artist and creator.

When you look out into space, you wonder who may be looking back at you. You imagine what it’s like on other planets.
You may like to visit space one day, but you’re a little afraid that it wouldn’t live up to your expectations.

I used to be more into astronomy and learning about the planets, not as much anymore though I still get into it sometimes, and I love mush of the space art on Deviantart.

I think I’d like to travel through space (provided I have plenty to eat drink and be entertained and am with some family members) and visit far off planets and moons.

What do you think?

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