New Quiz: Are You Coke or Pepsi?

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Are you more like a Coke or Pepsi drinker?

Do you have a favorite soda? Is it Pepsi or Coke? Can you even tell the difference between the two? When I was a small girl, conducting taste tests between Pepsi and Coke was a very popular marketing strategy for Pepsi. I remember doing a couple of them – and I liked both sodas. I still do.

One time I conducted a Pepsi-Coke taste test among my friends, and they were surprised by the results. Even more surprising to me was that no one changed their drinking habits. People said, “I’m pretty sure I still prefer Coke” or “Pepsi is my favorite” even if their taste tests proved otherwise. Isn’t that weird?

Well it turns out that my friends were not a weird as I thought (although I’m sure they’re weird in other ways… haha! just kidding). I recently learned that Pepsi and Coke have very distinct brand identities, and it’s hard to get people to switch, because it feels like they are changing their preferences for so much more.

While Pepsi and Coke seem pretty much interchangeable to me (honestly, I’m more of a Dr. Pepper girl), they have distinct consumer groups and brand identities. Coke tends to be preferred by more artistic types who like the finer things in life. Coke drinkers are more likely to enjoy gourmet food, international travel, and the arts. Pepsi drinkers, on the other hand, tend to be more down to earth. They prefer to stay home and eat comfort foods. I don’t think either of these demographics is superior to the other (I straddle both), and I thought it would be fun to write a quiz about them.

Are You Coke or Pepsi? Take this quiz to learn what soda you should be drinking, at least if you want to find a good demographic match πŸ˜‰ Comment and let me know what you get on this one. Is it true? Which soda do you prefer if any?

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You Are Coke

You best fit the demographics of a Coke drinker. You are cultured, sophisticated, and well traveled.
You probably score a bit higher on openness and conscientiousness scales than most people. You like to live the good life.

You are more likely than Pepsi drinkers to have taken a vacation in the past six months. And you probably love to travel internationally.
You have sophisticated taste, and you don’t shy away from unusual delicacies. You’re also more likely to have tried caviar.

You are urban and artistic. You are likely to enjoy visiting art galleries and participating in other cultural activities.
You are well educated and probably quite intellectual. You are more likely than a Pepsi drinker to have finished college.

I love coke!!! This really speaks to me!!

You Are Pepsi

You best fit the demographics of a Pepsi drinker. You are youthful (or at least young at heart), fun loving, and down to earth.
You probably score a bit higher on agreeableness and a bit lower on neuroticism than most people. You prefer to be laid back.

You have middle of the road tastes, and you know what you like. You are more likely than Coke drinkers to have tried Spam and dislike sushi.
You are content with your home life, and there’s a good chance you prefer staying home for a movie than going out to an art show.

You consider yourself a practical and ordinary person. You prefer a local newspaper to the New York Times.
You are happy with where you are in life, and you don’t like to push yourself (you rarely show up early). Life is good – why change it?

I’m not very ordinary.

This quiz is definitely an American one….too many questions don’t suit those of us from other countries so I couldn’t answer many of them. Spray cheese.. Never heard of it ?? Me ! I drink Zero coke every time…I’m female , over 60 but young at heart.

What do you think?

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