New Quiz: What Email Sign Off Are You?

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How should you end your emails?

Do you spend a good portion of your day on email? I do, and I actually enjoy it. I think it’s fun to keep in touch with family and friends via email, and it sure beats a handwritten letter for convenience. (I do send handwritten letters sometimes though, especially to my grandma.) I also like to keep in touch with Blogthings quiz takers via email as well. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week when I get to email the winners of the Friday Five 🙂

Anyway, one of the funniest things to me is how everyone has a different email personality. I have some friends that have very short answers, and I have other friends who glory in long emails with words carefully chosen. And then there are always those friends who need a few nudges to respond to an email. I probably tend toward being a longer email writer type, although I try to keep it brief these days – as I know everyone is overwhelmed with too much email.

One thing I have noticed with my friends and acquaintances is that we all have a different way of signing off our emails. And of course, I think this has a lot to do with personality – at least email personality. I mean, there’s got to be some difference between the “XOXO” and “Sincerely” people, right?

Take my latest quiz, What Email Sign Off Are You? You will get what the perfect email sign off is for you and an analysis of your email personality. Do you keep it short and sweet? Or are your emails professional? Or are you like me and a fan of long, heartfelt emails?

Let me know what you get on What Email Sign Off Are You? Is it true for you? When I was doing some research for this quiz, some Blogthings fans on Facebook told me they don’t even use email anymore. Do you think email is on its way out? Let me know if you’ve been using it less lately.

P.S. If you like this quiz (especially if you use mail a lot), you might want to also check out What Email Function Are You? It measures your email personality in a different way!

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You Are Ciao

You’ve got a great sense of humor and a real flair for writing quippy messages.
In fact, it’s likely that you email as little as possible. Texting is a lot more your style.

You probably don’t sign all your emails ‘Ciao’, but you write them in that spirit… if you write them at all.
You keep things short and sweet. You don’t want to waste time on wordy messages that people won’t read anyway.

You don’t worry about getting an email right – or even responding at all. You just need to get your message across – one way or another.
And to be honest, you find it a bit annoying when people send you long emails. You don’t have the time or inclination to read them!

I don’t have anything to text with.

I am archive. Yes, I do sometimes think organize is my middle name. I am very neat and tidy – just hate a mess! I have always been like it. Even when I was at secondary school, I offered to tidy the head of the English department’s office, just to get out of break time outside in the cold. I would make it all neat and tidy, but tell him off the next day when I found it messed up again! He would tell me (trying not to laugh) that he was sorry, but he was very busy. To which I would say: yes, but if you put everything back in its place you don’t need to get into a mess. I imagine he must have secretly thought:I pity her poor future husband!

I love this analysis! I have to say that I’m not as neat as I’d like, but my husband gets me organized. He was the one who inspired the “Archive” result… he taught me how to promptly archive my email 😉

You Are Sincerely

You’re the type of person who puts manners first. You always act appropriately.
You are conscientious and responsible. You don’t like the feeling of procrastinating or shirking.

While you don’t always sign your emails ‘Sincerely,’ you make sure that they are well composed.
Whether you’re emailing a friend or a business associate, you take the time to double check your words.

More than any other type, you make sure email doesn’t pile up for you. You know it’s important to reply quickly.
Some may say that email is going out of style, but you still consider it an art form. And you couldn’t imagine living without it.

Comment: This is very me. I believe that e-mails are here to stay – at least in business & other work-related situations, however not so sure about it in private situations. I love e-mailing both at work and when being off duty myself, though.

On the E-mail Function quiz, I got Archive – boring, but consequent and true.

I think Sincerely fits you well, and maybe Archive represents your more conscientious side.

I agree about email. In many ways, I still prefer it to text messaging – but I know that texting is a more realistic option for many people. Not everyone spends their whole day in front of a computer like I do 🙂

What do you think?

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