New Quiz: Are You Eccentric? Take This Quiz To See If You’re a Weirdo!

How eccentric are you?
How eccentric are you?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “Where do all your quiz ideas come from?”  I typically think of quiz ideas out of nowhere (inspiration!), but occasionally I take requests from Blogthings fans. And even more occasionally, I see what someone is searching for to get to our site and decide to include it if it’s a good match. (All major search engines automatically give web sites this anonymous information.)

The last way is what happened with today’s quiz. I noticed a while ago that someone was searching for a quiz on eccentricity, but we didn’t yet have one. I was surprised that I hadn’t written an eccentricity quiz yet, as it seems like the perfect topic for Blogthings. After all, we all wonder where will fall in the spectrum of unusual to normal.

At first, I didn’t know how to write an eccentricity quiz because it’s not a typical psychological dimension. I wanted to make my quiz as theoretically valid as possible, especially considering there are many ways to look at eccentricity. While doing my research, I ran across the idea of a schizotypal personality, and I think a mild version of this describes eccentrics to a ‘T.’ (And I should know, I am one!)

Schizotypal people tend to exhibit odd behavior and thinking. They have trouble fitting into normal social situations, and they look at the world very differently. Schizotypals are unusual in lots of ways, and they don’t have much normality in their lives. Obviously, this can be troublesome at the extreme, but when I thought about it, a lesser version of this is exactly what it means to be an eccentric. (And yes, if you were wondering, these types are a lot more likely to be creative or “genius” types!)

So I took a few schizotypal personality scales and riffed on them a bit to make my own test milder. Are You Eccentric? Take the quiz, and let me know what you get. Do you consider yourself to be eccentric?

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Mine said I was very eccentric cool right you know when I first heard this word I didn’t know what it meant so I looked it up and thought this is tots me cool right

Dr. David Weeks wrote a book about eccentrics which was published in 1995. His 15-point list is the most relevant on this topic, I believe. In descending order of frequency with the top five being almost always present in a true eccentric, here is the list of attributes:

1 Non-conformity
2 Creative
3 Strongly motivated by curiosity
4 Idealistic
5 Happily obsessed with one or more hobbies (usually 5 or 6)
6 Awareness that he/she is different from early childhood
7 Intelligent
8 Opinionated and outspoken
9 Non-competitive
10 Unusual eating habits or living arrangements
11 Not very interested in the opinions or company of others, except to persuade them of the “correct” point of view
12 Mischievous sense of humour
13 Single
14 Eldest or only child
15 Bad speller

You Are Somewhat Eccentric

You have always felt that you’re a bit outside the mainstream. You’re not as normal as most people.
In fact, while you may fit in just fine, you feel a bit like you’re passing for someone you’re not. Deep down, you’re very different.

You can’t help but notice that you think and react differently to the world. You are on your own wavelength.
You have your own thing going on, and you’re cool with that. You fit in where you can and go your own way where you can’t.

What do you think?

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