New Quiz: What Kind of Wings Does Your Heart Have?

set of four funky illustrated hearts
What kind of heart do you have?

Do you think your heart is unique and special? I think we all do, and we’re right. Some of us leap into love, even if we’ve been hurt before. Others of us are more careful, taking our time when we think we might connect with someone. I think there are many valid and healthy approaches to love, and I like to think of love styles in the same way I think about personality archetypes.

For some reason, I woke up this morning thinking about the four
temperaments. Are you familiar with them? They were originally developed by Hippocrates over two thousand years ago for medical purposes, but they have a wide influence today. If you’ve taken a personality typology test like Myers-Briggs or DiSC, you were basically taking a temperament test.  The four temperaments are sanguine (sociable and impulsive), choleric (ambitious and passionate), melancholic (thoughtful and considerate), and phlegmatic (relaxed and content). There’s already a quick quiz on Blogthings to test your temperament: What Temperament Are You?

While I’ve seen a lot of variations on the four temperaments in personality testing (and even written a few), I’ve never seen it applied to love styles… except when I do it 🙂 I’m sure it has been, but those instances seem far and few between. If you look at the types above, I think they match up perfectly with love types. Some of us are impulsive in love, passionate about love, thoughtful partners, or content with what we’ve got. Put a content and an impulsive person together, and someone is going to get hurt!

I decided to make my latest temperament one a quickie, and it all came together after I found four perfect images. Can the image you pick tell you your love temperament? I’m guessing yes: What Kind of Wings Does Your Heart Have? What do you get one this one? Does it fit your personality? Comment and let me know!

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Yes it’s perfectly correct! I got Cautious as the result and all the analysis are just true, it’s happening to me now 😀

Your Heart is Easygoing

When it comes to love, you take the slow road. You don’t like anything to be too intense.
It takes you a while to warm up to someone, but once you do, you tend to be in it for the long haul.

You are extremely easy to get along with, and you make an ideal partner for many. A lot of people end up crushing on you.
In relationships, you value harmony over drama. You try to go with the flow whenever you possibly can.

You’re not the type to push for love or to move a relationship forward. You just let thing happen.
It is harder you for most when a relationship ends. You are loyal and devoted. It is tough to just walk away.

Your Heart is Fiery

Your heart is strong willed and independent. You know who you love almost right away.
Nothing is going to stand between you and your heart’s desire. You are often hot with passion.

Your attraction is unstoppable, but you tend to actually be pretty slow once you get on the relationship track.
You love yourself first and foremost. It takes time for you to make real room for someone else in your heart.

When you are in a relationship, you find it difficult to compromise. Best to be with someone who naturally wants the same things.
You will fight for what you believe in, and your partner has to be willing to meet you more than half way!

Comment: Very accurate, I have strong values and principles I won’t back down from. And I’m not ready to let any man take up more space than myself – quite the reverse. AND he needs to appreciate a woman who isn’t automatically impressed by everything he says and does. (OMG am feeling quite unbearable right now…)

Hahaha! I love this analysis, and I agree about staying away from men who expect you to be impressed with everything they say and do 🙂 Love this attitude!

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