New Quiz: Are You a Sweet or Salty Snacker?

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Do you go for sweet or salty snacks?

Research suggests that people tend to either gravitate toward salty or sweet snacks. Do you agree? I’m definitely more of a salty snacker, although I do appreciate sweets. I just like my sweets to have a salty edge to them. So if I’m having chocolate, I’ll pair it with peanut butter… or even salt! I have been reading some interesting new research on sweet vs salty snackers.

We’ve known for a while now that women tend to prefer sweet snacks and men tend to prefer salty snacks. Research is suggesting there may be even more psychological differences between sweet and salty snackers. Sweet snackers consistently score higher on agreeability scales, and the simple act of eating sweets can make you more agreeable. (I know that this is definitely true in my case. A little chocolate always puts me in a better mood!)

We tend to crave sweet foods when we need more comfort in our lives. Sweet foods spur serotonin, which helps give us a temporary boost. We tend to crave salty foods when we have stress in our lives. Salty food spurs oxytocin, which helps us feel comforted and calmed. And if you’re craving salty sweet foods (as I often am), you need one heck of a boost 😉

Are You a Sweet or Salty Snacker? Take my quiz to find out. I’m curious to know what everyone gets on this one. Do you think that your result reflects your personality and cravings accurately?

P.S. If you’ve been taking Blogthings for a while now, you may know that a sweet / salty quiz already exists on our site: Are You Sweet or Salty? I love this quiz, and it’s a big hit throughout the internet. I felt like it was time for an update after reading some new research. Feel free to take both quizzes and compare your results!

4 replies on “New Quiz: Are You a Sweet or Salty Snacker?”

I got Salty Snacker on the new quiz, and Salty Person on the older one–and it’s perfectly true that much as I love chocolate and sweets, I really, really prefer salty. Potato chips, yummmmm!

In fact, as a small child, according to my mom, I made a habit of sprinkling salt on my hand and licking it. (I take the Fifth on whether I still do that…. :D)

I knew I preferred salty/savory snacks to sweet things. Funnily enough, most of my friends are men.This is not by design, it just happened this way. Maybe because I have 3 sisters, and that’s enough female for anyone! Seriously though, maybe I have always been trying to subconsciously redress the Yin/Yang balance?

What do you think?

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