New Quiz: How Do You Live the Good Life?

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What do you do to live the good life?

Have you thought about what it means to live the good life? It’s a pretty loaded question. No wonder philosophers, psychologists, and all sorts of other folks have been talking about it for years. It’s an important topic – if not *the* topic, and at times it feels like we’re no closer to any answers. I’m pretty sure that most of us are interested in living as well as possible, it’s just not easy to do, and there’s no agreement on how to do it.

Recently I was reading an old psychology book, and I was introduced to some of the theories of a mid 20th century psychologist, Carl Rogers. Rogers had a humanistic approach to psychology, and his ideas struck me as very relevant and compassionate. In particular, he had a whole view on what it takes to live a good or fulfilled life, and I was surprised to find myself agreeing with all of it.

Rogers laid out five concepts that must be embraced for a good life:

  1. Being fully open to experience
  2. Living in the present moment
  3. Trusting ourselves
  4. Taking responsibility for our choices
  5. Creativity

As you can probably see, Rogers put a lot of emphasis on self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-directed growth. I found his concepts of the good life to be empowering and positive. I think we could all use a little more of these things (I know I could!), and adopting them seems like a doable plan.

As usual with Blogthings, I like to think about what’s already going well in life, so I decided to write a quiz to see which concept of Rogers’ good life each of us are already embracing: How Do You Live the Good Life?

Take How Do You Live the Good Life? Do you agree with your result? What do you think of Rogers’ theory of the good life?

2 replies on “New Quiz: How Do You Live the Good Life?”

You Practice Creativity

You feel inspired, and even a little morally obligated, to participate in this world. You want to leave your mark.
You believe that being creative is a way of celebrating your humanity, and you do your best to make your creative contributions.

You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to be creative. Creative is simply the act of creating.
You may be one of those creative types who channels energy into doing your job well or creating a home for your friends and family.

You are driven to leave your legacy – to create something to last long after you are gone.
Whether it’s family, improving the world, or your own special type of art – you want to be a part of civilization.

The present moment result describes me somewhat too.

What do you think?

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