Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Season Say About You?

woman lying in the grass celebrating Spring
What season speaks to you?

Ah, the changing of the seasons! I can feel it… can you? As they like to say, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. No matter what part of the world you live in, you’re probably undergoing (or about to undergo) an amazing change in weather. For most of us, that means the transition from winter to spring. And for those of you who are lucky enough down under, you’re experiencing the change to fall – my absolute favorite season.

I have a lot of things I believe or intuit about psychology, but one of my favorites is the idea that the type of season you prefer says a lot about you. I am one of those cozy up in a blanket, go see the latest arty movies, fall types. I love summer, but I’m never going to be a summer personality.

I tried to do some research on psychology and season preference, but I came up dry. The closest I could find was research of the impact of weather on human emotions. Close enough 🙂 During dreary and dark times, like winter, our serotonin falls – leading us to feel more lethargic or gloomy. No wonder we all fee like hibernating during the winter. During rainy times – like spring or fall in many areas – we also may feel a bit more sedate. Some of us may even be a bit of pain from rain. And when it’s sunny (yup, I saved the best for last!), we feel happier and healthier. I guess that’s why it’s a bit contrarian to be like me (and many of us) and prefer a season other than summer!

What about you? Do you have a favorite season? What Does Your Favorite Season Say About You? Do you agree with what this quiz has to say? Comment and let me know!

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2 replies on “Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Season Say About You?”

You Are Grounded Like Fall

You are a total homebody. You like to have a place that centers you and grounds you.
You are warm and welcoming to an extent. You enjoy having others around you, but you also need your space.

You are organized and productive. You are good at formulating and carrying out plans.
You like to work hard, but you also value your downtime. You need time to yourself to simply enjoy life.

Comment: All seasons quizzes are accurate in my case, even when taking quizzes like “Which Season Are You?” I always get fall even then, and the descriptions are right. Am a fall of substance! 😀

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