New Quiz: The POGS Personality Test

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Are you powerful, organized, grounded, or social?

Have you heard of the DISC personality test? If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in corporate environments, you probably have. The DISC personality test is based on 20th century industrial psychology, and it measures people along four dimensions – originally dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. Although these sorts of measurements seem a bit industrial and jargon-y to me, I thought this was an interesting way to look at personality, so I looked further and decided to develop my own test: The POGS Personality Test

While the original DISC test has a dominance scale, I updated my result to be power. I think dominance has quite a few negative connotations, and I think it’s more useful to think of that type as powerful and in control instead. Instead of having compliance as a result, I updated that to organized. For a while people used conscientiousness instead of compliance, but I thought organized was a better fit for someone who has good control of one’s life. (And thinking of someone as being compliant just seems creepy to me!) Instead of submission (or as some people like, steadiness), I picked grounded. I just like that word and what it connotes 🙂 And finally, instead of inducement (or for modern tests, influence), I picked social, since that is the most social type.

Anyway, whether you like the original DISC framework or not, I hope you find some insight from The POGS Personality Test. I also reworked the test a bit to make it less career oriented while still being career applicable. I know we are all in different phases in our lives, and I think personality typology is still useful outside of the workplace. (It’s also my little rebellion against Americans making too much about work!)

Let me know what you got on The POGS Personality Test. Does your result fit you? If you’ve taken the DISC test before, I’d like to know how your result on my POGS test compares 🙂

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