Quiz: What Would You Win an Oscar For?

Seth MacFarlane with huge Oscar
Are you a potential Oscar winner? What would you win an award for?

Are you tuning in to the Academy Awards this year? I doubt I will watch the whole thing (I never have – can’t sit still that long), but I might check out a bit of it. Mr. Blogthings and I tend to grab pizza on Sunday nights at a place that will definitely be showing the awards. And while I’m not a huge fan of the show itself (too many acceptance speechs that go on for too long), I’m a huge film fan.

Do you have any movies, actors, or talent that you’re hoping will win this year? I don’t think I have a favorite for best picture. I have only seen Les Miserables and Django Unchained, and I don’t feel like either of them quite had best picture production or performances. I would like to see a few of the contenders like Life of Pi, Amour, and Silver Lining Playbook. I’ll probably catch up on those via rental 🙂 I like all the actors up for best actor – maybe a slight bias for Joaquin Phoenix. And it would be lovely if Jennifer Lawrence won best actress, although I like Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts as well. Also, I’d love to see Anna Karenina win for cinematography. I thought that was a surprisingly nice beautiful and cinematic of one of my favorite novels.

As long as we’re talking Oscars, why not take one of my favorite quizzes What Would You Win an Oscar For? I dig this quiz because it has plenty of Hollywood jobs for the introverts and shy people in the group. I couldn’t imagine myself being an actress (although I do make a lot of faces in real life). But a costume designer or screenwriter? I’d love to!

Take What Would You Win an Oscar For? and let me know what you get. What would your ideal Hollywood job be? Are you rooting for anything or anyone this Oscar season? What and who are some of your favorites?

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You Would Win Best Costume Design

You are imaginative, artistic, and very unique. You are a natural designer.
You can picture entire movies in your head. You are incredibly visual.

As long as you can remember, you’ve always had a flare for fashion. You like to experiment with looks.
You like dressing up in costumes and outfits. And not just for Halloween!

I’m not so sure about costumes and outfits, but I do like to be original with my fashion style, though I don’t really like drawing attention to myself.

You Would Win Best Original Screenplay

You are insightful and expressive. You’ve always been a natural storyteller.
You know how to hook an audience, entertain them, and surprise them at the end.

Where people see everyday life, you see an engaging plot with interesting characters.
You notice details that other people ignore. People you’ve only met once or twice live inside your head.

Comment: Very accurate, except for not having a very good memory for faces! 🙂
Crossing my fingers that Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg wins Oscar for starring/producing the important political film “Lincoln”!

Daniel Day-Lewis is always a favorite of mine! And I’m bad with faces too … was just discussing it with friends yesterday. Mr. Blogthings has to help me out quite a bit when I can’t place a face 🙂

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