Quiz: What Award Should You Win?

red carpet scene outside the academy awards
What award should people give you?

Awards season is upon us, and I always consider this to be a fun time of year. Did anyone watch the Grammys? Or are you planning on tuning in for the Oscars? I personally don’t watch unless it’s already on (I frequent a pizza place with lots of TVs on Sunday nights), but I always keep track of the winners and the fashions. I think award shows bring back a bit of glamour that we’re missing from pop culture. And I think it’s cool to celebrate accomplishments – I don’t think we do enough of that any longer.

I also think that awards shows are one of the few times that celebrities seem a little more relatable. Sure, maybe it’s far fetched to say we can relate to someone who makes millions a year and is wearing a ten thousand dollar dress. But I do believe that this is when celebrities are at their most vulnerable, and that’s interesting. You’ve got these people who are on top of the world, yet they’re all nervous wrecks. It’s something we’ve all experienced, and it’s interesting to witness in people we admire (or can’t stand).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch an awards show without daydreaming a little about what it would be like to win an award of my own. People wait years (or decades) to get an award in their industry and it’s such a big achievement. I doubt I’ll ever win an award like that, but it’s fun to dream about it 🙂 And that’s what inspired my quiz, What Award Should You Win? I wanted to write a quiz where we could all feel like award winners, if only for a couple minutes.

Take What Award Should You Win?, and let me know what you get. How do you feel about your result? Have you ever won an award for anything?

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You Should Win the Pulitzer Prize

You have a sharp and lively intelligence. You are quick-witted and always ready for some verbal battle.
You are constantly seeking growth and change. You are always pushing to be a little better.

You can’t help but feel unsettled in your life. You have a major case of wanderlust.
You are constantly growing and learning. You express yourself well, especially with the written word.

As an introvert I get tired of verbal battle easily, even so I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when someone says something wrong. And I’m not sure about self-expression.

“As an introvert I get tired of verbal battle easily, even so I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when someone says something wrong.” – this rings very true for me as well – I liked the way you expressed that so well!

I got Pulitzer. Which is really flattering because I love to write and I’d like to think I’m quick-witted. 🙂 And I definitely have a case of wanderlust.

I got the Grammy response – which makes sense considering I’m musically inclined, but the part about being extroverted didn’t fit so well.

You Should Win a Grammy

You are extroverted and sociable. You feel comfortable at any fete or soiree.
You like to be the center of attention. You have a flair for working a room.

You have no problem getting front of a group and singing your heart out. You were born to perform.
You are both a risk taker and a showoff. Whenever possible, you go for the glory.

Comment: I was torn between “musical” and “verbal” on the last question, however both alternatives led to the same result (mostly accurate)

Must admit I didn’t catch the phrase “flair for working a room”. Does it mean a love for the limelight? Tried to look it up but didn’t get any wiser really.

It would mean more that you know how to meet and greet people at a social event. It speaks more to your social grace than extroversion in this case 🙂 I hope that helps, and I’m curious to know if you think it’s true for you or not.

Ah now I understand… yes, it’s accurate. Part of my job includes meeting and greeting people, sometimes at soirees as well, so I’m comfortable with it. The performance issue depends on what kind of performance we’re thinking of… speaking is one thing, but I’d never dare to do karaoke or similar.

What do you think?

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