New Quiz: What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? This Quiz Tells All About Your Love Life!

candy conversation heart with a question mark
What symbol should your candy heart have?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as the Finnish like to say, YstävänpäiväHappy Friends Day 🙂 As I mentioned yesterday, I think this is a fun holiday to celebrate who brings meaning into my life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about love or longing or romance or heartbreak. I think it’s nice to focus on the positive – good friends, delicious chocolate, and fun little cards. And when I’m thinking about people I’m thankful for in my life, I can’t help but think of all the quiz takers out there. Thanks for making sure I’m not just writing quizzes for myself 😉

Still, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be what it is without love. I wanted to write a quiz that described how love is symbolized for each of us. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it exactly, until I found these images of candy conversation hearts with symbols on them. Looking over the symbols, I realized that they fit a lot of the types I was already developing in my mind. I love it when images can help inspire and develop a quiz idea for me.

Curious to know more about your love type? Take What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? You’ll see what candy heart with a symbol matches your personality. And I’ll interpret the symbol to say what it means for your love life. While these tasty little hearts are specific to Valentine’s Day, this quiz will tell you how you approach love both on this holiday and every other day of the year. You’ll learn what your ideal valentine is like and how you may like to celebrate today.

Take What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? and let me know what you think of your result. Does it accurately describe how you view love? Are you doing anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day today?

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You Are a Peace Symbol Heart

You value love that’s harmonious and compassionate. You want to completely trust the person you give your heart to.
You don’t like relationships that have too much bickering or fighting. You believe love should be a sanctuary.

Your ideal Valentine would be happy to just be hanging out with you. You want someone who’s into you… not where you’re going to dinner.
You’re looking for a partner who treasures the deeper and simpler things in a relationship. There’s no substitute for quality time and connection.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day would be personal and thoughtful. You don’t want the cookie cutter experience of dinner, chocolates, or flowers.
Unless any of the above were homemade. You think it’s always the thought that counts – especially on this holiday.

hmm… yes, truth. (also finnish?! i’m quite close to finnish! estonian to be exact. :D)

You Are a Recycling Symbol Heart

You don’t necessarily believe in disposable love. But you do believe in the interconnectedness of love and life.
You never know where your heart will lead you, and you are open to all possibilities. You aren’t afraid of change.

Your ideal Valentine is someone who is thrill seeking, open-hearted, and compassionate toward the whole world.
You tend to be attracted to fellow free-spirits. You are a big believer in loving like you’ve never been hurt.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day is totally unexpected, unconventional, and untraditional. You think an adventure is romantic.
Forget the prix fixe dinner – you rather try out a food trailer. And instead of roses and truffles, you’d love handpicked wildflowers and donuts.

You Are a Yin-Yang Heart

You believe that true love requires the right amount of balance. You need to balance time, personalities, and priorities.
You don’t always think that opposites attract, but you do think that two people should compliment each other well. It’s good to smooth out rough edges.

Your ideal Valentine is someone who is even-tempered, philosophical, and wise. You seek a spiritual and intellectual equal.
You tire of relationships where you are the teacher. You much rather be with someone who can teach you a few things.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day is low key and intimate. You could get behind a romantic dinner at home or a quiet walk.
You think Valentine’s Day should bring a couple closer to one another… not add undue pressure and stress.

Comment: Quite accurate, also interesting with the Yin-Yang term – never thought of it that way. Am a bit of a happy loner and prefer to switch between being in a relationship and going solo. IMO, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with Marketing Monster’s Day – far too commercial and a bit old-fashioned too. If I wish to celebrate love, I find it more personal and precious to choose an own day for it.

Definitely a very commercial holiday! I’m not sure how old fashioned it is in the US, since a lot of us are “anything goes” about relationships these days. I have heard, though, that women in Japan are expected to get Valentine’s Day gifts for the men in their lives, including bosses. That seemed pretty interesting to me 🙂

I am definitely the dollar sign. It’s definitely accurate. I’m obsessed with love and finding “the one” “the soul mate” “my other half” etc. Sadly, I won’t be doing anything today for Valentine’s Day due to a busy work and school schedule. Thankfully, tomorrow won’t be so busy, so my boyfriend and I are postponing celebrations until tomorrow. XD Hope everyone has a great V-Day, even though not everyone loves it! <3

That result does sound like you from what you’ve described. I think a lot of people are observing V-Day tomorrow. Holiday weekends are fun 🙂

Mr. Blogthings and I had to take our dog to the vet, so that wasn’t very romantic. I’m cooking a special dinner tonight though!

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