Quiz: What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

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What does your birthstone reveal about you?

When choosing what sort of quiz to write for Blogthings, I try to think about the things that link us all. I want my quizzes to reach and impact as many people as possible, so I love to pick universal subjects – things we have all dealt with or can relate to. This is why so many of my quizzes are psychologically based (and well, I do love psychology). It’s also why I tackle topics like love, food, childhood, friendship, work, learning, and character. These are universals that connect us all, and no matter what your background is, you should be able to take the quiz as easily as the next person – even if the next person is twice your age and halfway around the globe.

Birthdays are another important universal we share… possibly the most important one. After all, they mark the occasion of use getting here πŸ˜‰ So whenever I have the chance to write another birthday quiz, I jump on it. I started thinking recently about birthstones and their meaning. I have always felt attached to my birthstone, amethyst, and I wondered if others felt the same way. I thought exploring this birthday personality tradition could be interesting, because it’s a little different from the usual horoscope range. Plus, jewelry is pretty and shiny!

I did a lot of research on gemstones to write my latest quiz, and I hope you like it: What Does Your Birthstone Say About You? I thought the results I ended up with were really interesting. I feel like gemstone meanings are sort of a mix between astrology and color psychology, with color psychology possibly being the overriding force. I love mashups like this, and hopefully you do as well!

TakeΒ What Does Your Birthstone Say About You? and let me know what you get. Does your result fit you? How do you feel about your birthstone in general?

13 replies on “Quiz: What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?”

Why are rubies so “cool” like everyone is saying “wow your birthstone is ruby, thats so cool!” And my birthstone is a ruby, so what?

I loved reading all the results to this one! I am an October opal. However, I don’t really think that I match the description of an opal. I am much more like the description for a ruby.

“When you set your sights on something, you make sure you get it.”
“Only emeralds can give you total and complete commitment – which is what your jealous self needs to be happy.”
“Amethysts are too aloof and logical for your passionate self.”

Definitely closer to a ruby. Though I suppose I am also sometimes dreamy like an opal…

Kind of like some of those astrological charts that pretty much say ‘date no one but a Taurus’, hey? *lol* That’s okay. Rubies don’t wait for someone to think they’re perfect. We just go and snatch the one we want and they just go with it. That’s what my Aquamarine likes to say, anyway. πŸ˜‰

Garnet Says You Are Powerful

You are drawn to strength and excitement. You have a bold personality, and you don’t shy away from difficulty.
You are fiery about the things that are important to you. You don’t back down, and you don’t mind putting your heart on the line.

The garnet is known to offer guidance and support when times are tough. You are the rock for your friends.
You are particularly adept at figuring out business and financial problems. You have a head for money.

You go well with sapphire. When you and a sapphire put your heads together, you are unstoppable.
You clash with pearls. You don’t really get a pearl’s odd ways… and you’re not sure you want to!

Comment: 80% accurate. The word “bold” is a tricky one – sometimes it means “daring” (doesn’t fit) and sometimes it means brave (fits mentally, but am a physical coward – bungyjumps aren’t for me), and a 3rd time it means “proud” (very true).

Apart from that “bold” word, the description fits very well! I actually browsed through all the other ones, but this was actually the only one that was hitting home. Amazing result of yours, Blogthings. My fave stone (as a stone in itself) is emerald, though. πŸ™‚

The amethyst sums you up very well, Kari. I strongly believe that’s what makes Blogthings being such a pleasant online meeting place, by setting an example yourself. The rude and unfriendly ones presumably realize that such manners don’t belong there! πŸ™‚

Oh many thanks Monica! I always have been attracted to the amethyst, and I was lucky enough to get many inexpensive amethyst gifts growing up as a girl.

Interesting comments on the word “bold” – I think that may make for an interesting quiz… “How Are You Bold?” because I think there are different dimensions of the trait.

What do you think?

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