Quiz: What’s Your Stereotype?

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How do people label you?

I’m not a huge fan of stereotypes, but I think it’s useful for us to think about them even if we try not to indulge in them. I know for myself, I try to never stereotype, but I know sometimes I have labeled someone in my mind as a “hippie” or “yuppie” without even realize it. It’s so easy to label people when we don’t know it well… I think it’s something our brains automatically do. And by putting a label on someone, I’ve changed my expectations for what they will like and how they will act.

Stereotyping is bad habit , and I think most people do it without realizing it. I know for me, if I stereotype people as “hipsters” or “jocks”, I often am missing out on the deeper elements of their personalities. Luckily, over time most stereotypes fade as we get to know each person as an individual. I also think there’s a fine line between stereotypes and subcultures. I sort of am a hippie, and it’s true that I like to grow my own food and walk whenever possible πŸ˜‰

While we have some control over the stereotyping we do or don’t do, we have a lot less control over others stereotyping us. I think we all get stereotyped to one extent or another, even if we defy most labels. Do you hate it when people stereotype you? I don’t really like it – unless someone thinks I’m a geek. I’m okay with that one πŸ™‚ Anyway, take my quizΒ What’s Your Stereotype?Β to find out what label people might be slapping on you.

Comment below and let me know what you get onΒ What’s Your Stereotype?Β Do you think there’s a ring of truth to it? What do you feel about stereotyping or labeling people? Do you think it’s harmful or occasionally helpful?

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I took the quiz twice because I felt strongly different answers on several questions. I received Yuppie and Fashionista, both of which I strongly agree with. I am obsessed with my job (even though it isn’t a conventional yuppie job) and I am vainly and self-centered-ly obsessed with looking good! Fun quiz!

I did the test twice cause there were a couple of questions that I felt in doubt about because both related to me. So I got Hippie and Geek.

There is some truth to the hippie. Especially the second bit. (I did learn how to play the drums when I was 8 though) I am however somebody that sticks to a lot of rules because that way I know what people expect of me. However, I am really not a person that is happy with doing something that is the same every day. That is why I also love to learn stuff (geek) because there are so many different subjects and directions you can go. Thus the reason why I did 3 studies so far.

As stated before I love rules but when I am given the opportunity to figure things out or having to dismantle things I’ll be first in line because it does fascinate me. When it comes to food I actually prefer knowing how it is prepared and what ingredients are used because I may be able to make something similar one day. I also keep finding things to learn that keep me busy. Now that I have finally graduated it does feel as if I’m not doing anything at all with my brain and it already feels as if my brain is never off and feeding it something specific or giving it a goal keeps it in line somewhat. For me being a geek is doing things that I love and that I would like to learn/know eventhough to others it might be weird.

I think labelling isn’t always the right thing to do, but when someone asks me how I think about myself or how I view myself – the closest thing that would describe me is as a nerd/geek and I think that gives a good initial view of who I am and as you get to learn people better the view may shift. but for me I do think it is a good starting point.

I really appreciate your thoughtful response, and I think you’ve really eloquently explained the overlap between hippie and geek cultures. (And even punk too, if we include the DIY movement.) I always admire someone like you who is always looking to learn and figure things out. Way cool! Thanks again for sharing πŸ™‚

Initially, I got hippie, which was ok, and i spent a fair amount of my childhood in California (south and north) and i don’t put too much weight in labels, i’ve always been big on recycling and trying to keep my little veggie garden. I changed my answer on one question (the one about how you advise someone who was feeling down) and I got guy or girl next door, which i probably, if i was going to get labeled, how people would see me. I see that label as being like vanilla; plain on the surface, with hidden nuances below the surface; which could be every average-joe american out there! πŸ™‚

That’s a cool way of looking at being a girl next door type, and I agree. It’s fun to be incognito in public and to blend in. But there’s so much more once you scratch the surface πŸ™‚

The quiz results says I’m a yuppie. It’s accurate in the terms of business-minded and wearing suits, also quite comfortable with leading roles, but I’m not the least drawn to wealth or rich men – my friends represent virtually all walks of life, really. Guess a mix of “Yuppie” and “Geek” would be the most accurate answer on this one.

You Are a Hippie

You may not have long hair (yes I do) or a closet full of tie-dye (I used to), but you definitely dance to the beat of your own drum. (And you may even play the drum as well.) Nope
You are a true free spirit. You don’t let yourself be weighed down by rules and expectations.

You are creative, philosophical, and caring. You want everyone to have a better life.
For you, the worst thing in the world is being stuck in some rat race. You rather be broke than have to wear a suit every day.

Hmmm. I got geek, and it’s not UNtrue, but it’s just one side of me, and not the most visible one either. So I don’t think it’s the one I get tagged as. But then, that’s always the case with stereotypes, isn’t it–that they only capture the facet of someone you see first.

You Are a Yuppie

You’re a bit of a contrarian these days. You’re still happy to put on a suit, go to work, and make lots of money.
Your in it to win it. You crave power much more than wealth… and getting that power is half the fun.

You have expensive taste, and you’ll often want something because it’s the best of its kind.
You go beyond wanting the corner office or a coveted promotion. You want to own the whole darn building.

– Sounds a bit like me, although I don’t think people in general are that one-sided nowadays to label them in one, and only one, way. Think I’m a bit of a geek and fashionista, too, so it’s only the Yuppie-face that’s most recognizable although I don’t support labeling. There are many facettes to a personality, stereotypes don’t do them justice. πŸ™‚

I agree with you about labeling. I think it constrains both the labeler and the “labelee.” As an aside, I think you have to be a bit of a fashion geek to be a fashionista – the go together well πŸ™‚

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