Quiz: What Football Scoring Method Are You?

girl and guy playing football together with some roughhousing
If you were a football player, how would you score?

Are you ready for some football? I am! Well, sort of. As you may remember from Thursday, I’m really psyched to watch the Puppy Bowl today. The Super Bowl is great, but since I’m not rooting for any of the teams playing, I’m gonna go another way… the way of watching puppies and their extreme cuteness.

Anyway, I am a football fan at heart. I grew up watching the Denver Broncos in the days of John Elway (sorry to offend any Kansas City or Raiders fans out there!), and I proudly wore my orange jersey every Friday to school in elementary school. All the teachers and students dressed up in orange and blue, and some of the costumes were pretty wild. Later on in middle school, my friend and I ran a football pool – until we got in trouble for gambling. Oops!

One of the things that I really loved about football when I was growing up was scoring. As you probably know, football scoring is very unique, and this makes the strategy a lot more complicated than most sports. Just when you think you’ve got the game figured out, someone will kick a field goal or a team will go for two extra points on the touchdown instead of one. You never know how the scoring is going to end up for a football game, and that’s one of the things I love about it.

My love of football scoring inspired my quiz: What Football Scoring Method Are You? I hope you’ll take it even if you aren’t a huge football fan – the results will give you some interesting personality insights. And if you are a football fan, by all means, take this one in celebration of the Super Bowl. It might be fun to see what everyone else watching the game with you gets!

And as always, comment below and let me know what you get one What Football Scoring Method Are You? Does it fit you? Do you have a favorite football scoring method?

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Thanks so much, Monica! I’m glad you liked it, and I’m glad it’s relatable even for people who aren’t fans of American football (which I assume is true for you – correct me if I’m wrong)

You Are a Field Goal

You work extremely well under pressure. In fact, pressure makes you do better.
When everyone is counting on you, you can be depended on best. You are very levelheaded.

It’s likely that people rely on you to get them out of sticky situations. You are often a last resort.
And you’re happy to rise to the occasion. You love being the hero.

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