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Friday Five: Attraction Edition

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What does attraction mean to you? Answer the Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone… and happy February! In this month of love and romance, I thought it would be fun to do a Friday Five about attraction of all sorts – romantic and not. Sound like fun? I’ve also got a pair amazing prizes that were donated this week, and it means there will be TWO Friday Five winners instead of one. Boom! Your chances of winning just went up.

This week I’m giving away a bottle of Mojo Pro pheromones to each of our lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is comment below and answer the Friday Five. I will run a random number generator on Saturday morning and pick the winners that way. I will comment on the thread to the people who won, so you can check back to see who won that way. If you miss it, I will announce the winner on Facebook and also next week in the P.S.

I have tried Mojo Pro out, and it smells amazing! I’m already addicted to wearing this scent, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Blogthings likes it a lot on me. I think this prize will definitely attract some attention and boost confidence. Plus I think pheromones are just fun for anyone to experiment with, especially if you find psychology fascinating. You would pay around $15 for Mojo Pro in stores or online, not including shipping. If you win the contest, I will ship and give them to you for free 🙂

So, here are the Friday Five questions for this week. Simply answer below in a comment to enter :-)

Friday Five – Attraction Edition

  1. How accurate are your first impressions of people?
  2. In your view, what sort of vibe do you give off?
  3. If you’re in a crowd of strangers, what sort of people do you gravitate towards?
  4. What is more likely to attract you to someone – their voice or their scent?
  5. What Type Do You Fall For? Take the quiz and share your result. Is it true?

P.S. Congratulations to last week’s Friday Five winner, A’Doria :-)

16 replies on “Friday Five: Attraction Edition”

1. I bat about 50/50 with first impressions
2. I think I give off shy but funny vibe
3. I gravitate to the person closest to the food table because generally I am interested in the food.
4. I think a voice actually grabs me first, but scent may bring me back.
5. Next door type. I’m not surprised!!

1. I’ve gotten better accuracy-wise, but I am wrong at times.

2. I’ve had people tell me I look mad a lot (not the case), but once we chat, I’m told I’m funny and a little prone to getting off topic!

3. First, I gravitate toward those who look as if they share my interests (perhaps using a T-shirt they are wearing). I also like those who don’t have a problem being the center of a joke.

4. Voice, but if he smells nice, that’s a plus!

5. “You Fall for the Guy or Girl Next Door” Type! I’m not sure how true!

Cliffs Notes version of my answers:

1. Probably more than half the time. I like to think that as I’ve gotten older, experience with dealing with different kinds of people has taught me to detect certain patterns.

2. Happy, carefree, and approachable.

3. Happy, carefree, and approachable 🙂 Also the wallflowers, because I remember what it was like to be in their shoes not long ago, and remember how I appreciated having someone else approach me when I was too timid and shy to do so myself.

4. While a deep, beautiful voice makes me swoon, I’d have go with scents. In particular, fresh, clean scents (as in, freshly showered, wearing freshly laundered clothes, and maybe just a hint of aftershave) rather than actual colognes. Natural scents (aka pheromones? 😉 ) for the win!

5. You Fall for the Guy or Girl Next Door Type. Quite true. I’ve never gone for the dark and mysterious bad boy, or the gorgeous muscle hunk.

That was the abbreviated version. More exposition on the answers here:

This is so great! Glad you blogged this – and I’m definitely going to encourage others to do this same in the future. True Friday Five spirit for sure 🙂

I like what you said about approaching wallflower types in a crowd. As someone who sometimes isn’t feeling it socially, I love when someone else makes the effort.

1. I usually try to observe and listen to a person a bit before forming an impression; but, once formed, my first impressions are generally correct, at least in part.
2. feminine, serious.
3. it depends. sometimes it is the people with mischievous smiles, telling witty stories. sometimes it is the people engaging in some sort of intellectual debate. Sometimes it is the people who seem as uncomfortable with large parties as I am.
4. voice, though a bad smell is a major turnoff.
5. Sensitive and romantic type. True, though they need to have a sense of humour and a bit of darkness.

1- My first impressions tend to be somewhat accurate.
2- Well according to what most people told me, I seem tough, mysterious and polite.
3- I gravitate towards those who seem welcoming and friendly enough to start a conversation.
4- The voice.
5-Next door type..which is true for the most part as I tend to be traditional.

1. Fairly accurate.
2. Depends, sometimes nervous and awkward sometimes warm and enthusiastic.
3. In a crowd I like the charismatic one. The funny ones, the story tellers, those with beautiful eyes and smiles. Or the mysterious one.
4. Voice and scent are both important attractors but for now I’ll go with scent first.
5. The Sensitive and Romantic Type

You are one of this week’s winners! I will be contacting you today to get your shipping info 🙂 Thanks for entering the Friday Five, and congrats on winning again!

1. I usually don’t make an impression of people within the first moments of meeting them. I try to get to know them well before making any judgements on their personality.

2. I give off a friendly, warm vibe. I like people and they usually like me.

3. The person who doesn’t look preoccupied with their phone, ipod, laptop, etc. If I have a conversation with someone, I don’t want to distract them from their doings.

4. Their voice.

5. You fall for the rich and powerful type. I guess that’s true. As long as they’re not egotistical.

How accurate are your first impressions of people?

They are actually pretty accurate. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if I have a bad first impression of them, but unfortunately, my bad first impressions end up being pretty accurate.

In your view, what sort of vibe do you give off?

I have no idea! I think that I seem a bit straight-laced and reserved…and well, it’s true. Hopefully, I also seem friendly 🙂

If you’re in a crowd of strangers, what sort of people do you gravitate towards?

To be honest, no one! I had crowds of strangers.

What is more likely to attract you to someone – their voice or their scent?

Definitely voice. I love to listen to voices, and it’s one of the first things I loved about Mr. Blogthings.

What Type Do You Fall For? Take the quiz and share your result. Is it true?

Sensitive – yes, totally true!

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