New Quiz: What Part of the Super Bowl Are You?

What do you like about the Super Bowl?
What do you like about the Super Bowl?

Excited for the big game on Sunday? Then I’ve got the quiz for you. Not excited for the game? Then I still have the quiz for you. Not even sure what I’m talking about? Then read on…

For those of us who grew up in the United States, drinking, breathing, and living football every Sunday (American football, that is), it all culminates at the Super Bowl. The two biggest teams in the NFL play each other in a huge event (single tickets can cost over $1000), with tons of celebrities, specially made commercials, and overall craziness. It’s one of the most watched TV events of the year, and people have special parties to celebrate… even if they’re not really fans of either of the teams playing.

Love it or hate it, it’s really hard to avoid Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t either love it or hate it… but I do think it’s kind of fun. So (with the urging of Mr. Blogthings), I wrote a quiz about it. What Part of the Super Bowl Are You? And no worries if you’re not a huge football fan – you still will get a fun result. I know everyone is not crazy about football (I’m a fan, but not this year!), so I wanted to write a quiz that everyone could enjoy. I hope that I succeeded πŸ™‚

Anyway, please take What Part of the Super Bowl Are You?Β Let me know what you get. Does it fit you? I’m also curious…are you watching the big game this year? If so, who are you rooting for? I will be watching game related things, but not necessarily the game. I love commercials, and I LOVE the Puppy Bowl. I can’t miss that. I watch the Super Bowl when one of the teams I like is playing, but otherwise, I’m just not interested.

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Hi there! I just had a suggestion for your amazing site — I think that it would be SO cool if we create an account to BlogThings so that we can be able to save our quiz results and keep track of the quizzes that we’ve already taken. I LOVE your site very much, thank you and keep up the great work!! πŸ˜€

Hey there! Love your suggestion, and it’s something we’re strongly considering for the future πŸ™‚ I definitely agree that it would be useful to save quiz results and even see how we compare to our past selves. Thanks for letting me know you’d be in favor of this.

You Are the Commercials

You love to be entertained, but you just don’t find football that entertaining. Too many rules; too many breaks.
What you do like is a great video clip, it just so happens the Super Bowl features some of the funniest videos of all time.

So while everyone is running to refill and refuel during commercials, this is when you’ll sit down and watch.
You love the variety and creativity of all the ads. They more than make up for the boringness of football!

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