New Quiz: How Mysterious Are You?

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Are you mysterious?

Are you an open person? Or are you more of a closed book? I find it interesting (and at times frustrating) how we all have different comfort levels with openness. I think we’ve all known someone who was too closed and hard to know… and someone who maybe was a little “TMI” (too much information) at first. I think it’s important to strike a balance, although it’s not always easy.

I know for myself, I always struggle with how much to disclose to people. I think I’m a naturally closed person, and sometimes I am tempted to overcompensate by being a bit too open 🙂 I feel like there is a danger in disclosing too much – I don’t want to be that bore always talking about herself. Also, I feel like too much self-disclosure can lead to people gossiping about you, or simply being too interested in your life. And I don’t want that!

On the other hand, being open and connecting is a huge part of being human. Studies show that self-disclosure brings us closer to one another, and it’s essential for promoting self-worth. Makes sense to me! It doesn’t feel good to feel like you have to hide who you are or what you believe. It’s empowering to be honest and open… and to see where the chips fall.

When thinking about self-disclosure and openness, it occurred to me that a lot of this boils down to how much mystery we each preserve in our own lives. Do we keep something (or a lot) for ourselves? Or is there no mystery? And that’s what inspired my latest quiz: How Mysterious Are You?

Take How Mysterious Are You?, and let me know what you get. Do you consider yourself a mysterious person? How do you feel about openness and self-disclosure in general?

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I got You Are Completely Mysterious which is kind of right. I`m really rather shy so in real life I seem a bit stuck up which can come off as mysterious and on Facebook I share quotes or funny things instead of how I feel.

I got somewhat mysterious–I guess that’s about right? I use a semi-pseudonym online for most purposes–see below :)–but it’s not hard for someone who wants to to figure out my real name. (I thought my using a drawing instead of a photo was vanity, not mysteriousness, but since mysterious sounds better… :D)

I think pseudonyms can be really useful, and it sort of annoys me that people like Google are pushing a “real name” policy. I can’t imagine how hard that would have been for me as a teenager.

Wellll…that is very true, but I can also see their point. Using pseudonyms allows people to be more free and open, which can lead to more interesting convrrsations–and in some countries, it’s the only way for people to be honest at all. OTOH, when people have to use real names it does drastically cut down on abusive and spammy posts. It’s a toss up.

Some what mysterious. Yes, that’s an accurate description of me, I guess. I am not at all into Facebook or Twiitter, etc, I find them really annoying. I am pretty open with friends, though. I prefer to be around similar such people, too. I haven’t got time for the social media luvvies, but I am not keen on the “inscrutable and vague, so hard to pin down” types, either.

Isn’t it funny how these days just not being active on Twitter and Facebook makes someone mysterious? It’s still a bit outside my comfort zone, to be honest!

Come to think of it, now when noticing my signature above here, I might lean towards “very” mysterious… the only drawback is that sometimes people seem to think it’s a male signature – I suppose “Mother Earth” would be a more clarifying ditto, but less original as well. (Ah well… you know I’m Monica.) 🙂

You Are Very Mysterious

You are the type of person who is naturally mysterious – you just don’t open up easily.
You give enough information to let others be curious about you, but most of what they know about you is speculation.

It’s likely that a few people know you well. You are a mystery that unfolds over time.
Your aura of mystery makes you quite alluring. You never give too much away too soon, and you leave people wondering.

What do you think?

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