New Quiz: What Sign is Your Mind?

cartoon images of the twelve astrological signs
What astrological sign do you think like?

I’ll just get this out of the way… I’m actually a pretty big skeptic when it comes to astrology. Pretty unbelievable for someone who writes astrology quizzes, right? Well, it’s true, but don’t take that too seriously πŸ™‚ I’m a big skeptic about everything in life, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. My friends tell me that this is sooooo Aquarius and this basically proves astrology for them. I’m not so sure!

Anyway, despite my skepticism and doubts, I love to write astrology quizzes. I consider astrology to be the very first personality typology, and I think there is a lot to the archetypes of astrology. I am much more interested in thinking about which astrological types fit me… even if it does happen to be the one I was born into. I swear it’s just a coincidence.

I have found that you guys like astrology quizzes as well. I’m not sure if it’s because you’re into astrology or because there’s something really fun about a twelve outcome quiz! I personally love quizzes with a large number of outcomes because it really shows how unique we all are. They are a bit of a slog to write and even to take, so I only mix them in occasionally.

My latest quiz is a twelve outcome quiz, and it does take a bit longer to get through. I hope you think the result is worth it: What Sign is Your Brain?Β I tried to fuse classic astrology with modern research on thinking styles. I think this quiz will please those who love astrology and those who love personality typology.

Once you takeΒ What Sign is Your Brain?, let me know what you get. How accurate is your result? Also, what’s your take on astrology? Do you think it’s useful to your life or are you a skeptic?

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18 replies on “New Quiz: What Sign is Your Mind?”

Interesting. I got Pisces (and I was born under it’s sign!).

I often find a person’s personality coinciding with the sign they’re born under, though I never really rely on it. I did at one point buy myself an astrology book in an attempt to understand myself and others. I don’t read it so much anymore but it’s there on the shelf. I read it more for the historical whatever about astrology, Western and Chinese. It’s fun all the same.

I think the history of astrology is interesting too! Your book inspires me to look into other forms of astrology… could be some good quiz topics there πŸ™‚

I’m a Libra, but it seems my brain is a Saggitarius! At least, that’s the result I got, and the description isn’t far off. πŸ™‚

As for astrology–it’s fun to play with, but in sober fact, the obstetrician has a greater gravitational effect on you at birth than any planet–the planets are really big, but gravity is a very weak force, and the doctor is a whole lot closer.

Your Brain is a Capricorn

You are a conventional and disciplined thinker. People count on you to solve problems.
You don’t let your thoughts get ahead of you. You think in as organized and methodical a way as possible.

You aren’t attracted to new ideas just because they are shiny. Something new has to make sense to you before you will adopt it.
You are a very serious thinker. It’s hard for you to take anything lightly; you’re just not wired that way.

Comment: Definitely don’t believe in horoscopes. On astro signs… in some people’s cases it seems accurate, in others – not.

Astonishingly enough, I AM a Capricorn IRL and the personality description is very accurate. I believe I’m a little linked to Aries, too. (The sign least like me? Virgin, I think.)

That’s funny that you also don’t believe in astrology as well, even though your description happens to fit. I bet that drives your astrology believing friends crazy! I know enough about astrology from Blogthings to wish you a belated birthday πŸ™‚

Your Brain is an Aquarius

Your way of thinking is totally original and difficult for outsiders to grasp. Your thoughts are one of a kind.
You are definitely on your own wavelength, and people who know you well are still surprised with what you come up with.

You are drawn toward ideas that are progressive and independent minded. You are all about changing the status quo.
While you are a futurist at heart, you don’t imagine a future without humanity. You are a humanitarian first and foremost.

I live mostly in the present but I do value creativity and innovation. As for being a humanitarian I’m mostly like that with children (especially girls) and infants.

What do you think?

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