Quiz: What Percussion Instrument Are You?

teenage girl playing the drums in garage
What percussion instrument should you play?

I have a terrible sense of rhythm, but I still feel like I was born to play the drums. Or the xylophone. Heck, any percussion instrument. I just have the type of personality that loves to bang on things. My friends agree, and they’ve been telling me for years that I should learn the drums. I even got a electronic drumset for Christmas recently (no real, noisy drums for this city girl!), and I can’t wait to put them to use. I’ve been too busy with Blogthings to sit down and play, but I’m hoping to get those sticks in my hands soon.

As a kid, I was always attracted to percussion instruments. Like I said, my attraction never really helped me pick up a good beat, but that didn’t stop me from playing. My uncle gave me a set of bongos when I was young, and I hit those things all the time. Later on, I was lucky enough to get to play the xylophone in elementary school concerts, and I think I did… well, okay ๐Ÿ™‚

My love of percussion instruments led me to write on of my favorite quizzes ever: ย What Percussion Instrument Are You?ย Just taking it makes my foot start tapping! I hope you’ll feel the same way. This quiz inspired me so much, because writing it reminded me that there’s so much more to percussion than your standard drum set. So even if you don’t envision yourself as a drummer type, you may be a perfect fit for another sort of percussion instrument.

Let me know what you get onย What Percussion Instrument Are You?. Does it fit your personality? I’m also dying to know if we have any drummers, xylophonists, or other assorted percussionists as part of our community. Tell me if you play one of these instruments… or if you’d like to!

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You Are Cymbals

You have steady and unwavering energy. You are a person of great endurance.
Every single one of your friends feels valued. You are true through thick and thin.

You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.
You are methodical in all your actions. You have a reason for everything you do.

Comment: If we’re talking about symbols, drums would come closest. I’m known for walking & talking quite forcefully. But this result works too. It’s still about rhythm, which I always look for in music.

I have a keyboard at home, somehow never take time to learn playing it. Would love to learn playing saxophone and/or clarinet as well, but somehow never set off time and focus for it.

@Blogthings: Did you get xylophone on this quiz or which instrument…?

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