New Quiz: Do You Respect Yourself?

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Do you respect yourself?

I have been thinking a lot about self-respect lately in the context of my own choices. Self-respect frames everything I do. When I’m making a decision, I try to figure out if I’m making it out of self-respect or out of obligation, fear, or laziness. I think the only way to be healthy and happy is to respect myself, and no matter what, that has to come first. I’m learning that loving, respecting, and caring for oneself is even more important that I realized. Having self respect means proper boundaries and good self-care.

So if a friend asks too much of me or says things that hurt, it’s within the bounds of self-respect to stand up for myself. Similarly, self-respect means that I give myself rest when I’m tired, healthy food when I’m feeling sick, and downtime when I need it. Self-respect means listening to my inner voice to figure out what’s important and letting that voice completely guide me. I’m sure this is a revelation that many of you have already had, but I think it’s still important to talk about. Self-respect is a lot harder in theory than in practice!

Thinking about self-respect led me to write my latest quiz: Do You Respect Yourself? First I did a lot of reading about self-respect. I paid particular interests to what psychologists agree upon when discussing self-respect. Then, I tried to measure self-respect in many ways, and I think I succeeded. I hope you find as much enlightenment in taking Do You Respect Yourself? as I did in writing it. Please give it a go, and let me know what you get. Is your result accurate?

I’m also curious to know if you’ve thought much about self-respect. Do you think respecting yourself is important? What are some ways that you practice self-respect?

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What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New Quiz: Do You Respect Yourself?

  1. Blogthings Fan

    Interesting result. I figured I’d get a “you’re in trouble”kind of rating and got a “not too bad” which is pretty much how I feel about myself