Quiz: What Kind of Names Do You Like?

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What do your favorite names say about you?

If you’ve spent a lot of time on Blogthings, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve written a lot of quiz “name generator” quizzes. I think these are a lot of fun for a quick fix, but to be honest, my true love is name psychology and in depth discussions of names. I think names are pretty interesting and important, and I do think your taste in names says a lot about you.

I know for myself, my taste in names is constantly evolving. I’m sure that it’s partially trend based (don’t you love how everyone names their kids the same thing all around the same time without knowing it), but I think there are also personality shifts happening for me. As I get older, I appreciate the idea of family names and traditional names more. When I was younger, my taste in names was definitely more modern.

Do you have a particular taste in names? Take my quiz:Β What Kind of Names Do You Like?Β to find out. Comment below and let me know what you get – and how accurate it is. I’m also curious, what are some of your favorite names? They can include your own name, relatives’ names, or simply names you like. (I have to admit that I’m rather fond of my name at this point in my life, but I hated it as a teenager because it was always mispronounced.)

One other thing – I know that this quiz is very Anglosphere focused, but that’s only because it’s the only culture where I’m super familiar with names (except for maybe a little Scandinavian, since that’s my heritage). Anyway, if you have different sorts of names in your family or different sorts of names you prefer, I’d love to hear about them! I’m dying to know what sort of names everyone likes, if only to get a few new favorites myself πŸ™‚

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I got names that are cutting edge and exotic, which I find to be very very fitting. Even when I was a little girl I named all my animals after gods and goddesses. My name is Clyde (I’m a girl) and I also tend to like gender bending names. For me my favorite name for a girl is Ayla and for a boy it’s Jasper.
Oh! I also tend to like names that are nature based ^^

I love the name Clyde for a girl! I’ve never heard that before πŸ™‚ I also really like your story about naming animals after gods and goddesses at a young age. Very cool πŸ™‚

I got “Names that are Retro and Fashionable”

and I do tend to like the more traditional names, without the weird horribly-phonetically-spelled variations. I teach pre-k, so i’ve seen the waves of Paige and Katies, Aiden, Jayden and Braydens, and even Neveah (heaven spelled backwards….which I don’t see as a name, but that’s my opinion). I also like names that have Irish and French lineages, as I do. spelling MegHan with the H is Irish-Gaelic, Meag(h)an is Scottish-Gaelic, and Megan is just an Anglicized version. Of course, I had dolls and animals I named Abby, Grace and Aiden and Brendan, soooo…

p.s. i like the name Kari, it’s my cousin’s name, too πŸ™‚

Oh really? I’m always glad to hear of another Kari. She doesn’t happen to live in the midwest, does she? I ‘ve found that’s where the most Kari’s tend to be… besides Norway / Sweden πŸ™‚

I like those Megan / Meghan spellings – very lovely. I love Irish names and French names too. Maeve and Sinead are both nice!

I got “You Like Names that Are Retro and Fashionable”

I didn’t know they were fashionable! I do like names with some history behind them–not necessarily the most common names, though.

(Personally, I have an old family name–Rachel–but my family calls me by the Hebrew pronunciation, which mostly people can’t because of the gutteral “ch” in the middle. I answer equally to both!)

I answer to “Carrie” as well as “Kari” to keep things simple. And “Carrie” is my “nom de Starbucks” when I’m ordering things because I never know will get called out if I pronounce my name normally.

I think I know the “Rachel” pronunciation you speak of. It’s very pretty πŸ™‚

You Like Names That Are Cutting Edge and Exotic

You love creative names and names from foreign cultures.
You believe names should be expressive and interesting.

You like names that are unusual, striking, and powerful.
You couldn’t imagine naming your child or pet anything “normal.”

Some female names you might like: Amaya, Celestine, Danessa, Fawn, Kenya, Monet, Serenity, and Tia

Some male names you might like: Drake, Flint, Harley, Kendrick, Pascal, Romeo, and Timber

My parents gave me a foreign name (“Kari” rhymes with “starry”) and I HATED it as a kid. No one would pronounce it correctly. I’m coming around to liking it though, but I definitely see the downsides of giving a child a foreign name.

What do you think?

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