New Quiz: What Flavor Greek Yogurt Are You?


Spoonful of vanilla greek yogurt
What type of Greek yogurt are you?

Anyone who knows me, especially Mr. Blogthings, knows that I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt. After discovering Greek yogurt a few years ago, I still eat it regularly. Have you tried it? Greek yogurt is basically a strained yogurt that is very thick and tangy. It has half the sugar and twice the protein of regular yogurt, which means it’s a very sustaining snack. I didn’t think I liked yogurt until I tried Greek yogurt, and I was an instant convert.

I am not too picky about my Greek yogurt – I like all kinds (as long as it’s really Greek yogurt and not “Greek” yogurt that’s just yogurt with thickeners… yuck!). I tend to do low fat or fat free for everyday eating, but I will definitely eat full fat for an occasional indulgence. I like it plain or with my own toppings – nuts, honey, cacao nibs, berries… and I also like all of the exotic flavors it comes in. Recently a few grocery stores nearby had sales on Greek yogurt as part of a healthy New Year’s sale. Of course I stocked up, and looking at all the varieties made me think that Greek yogurt would be a fun quiz topic. There are so many interesting and exotic flavors… how could I not write a quiz about it?

Take my latest quiz, What Flavor Greek Yogurt Are You?, and tell me what you think. Even if you aren’t a fan of yogurt, I hope you’ll enjoy this quiz. Not only was it inspired by my favorite tasty treat, it was also inspired by the culture and beauty of Greece – as well as mediterranean and tropical fruit. So you definitely don’t have to be a Greek yogurt fan to appreciate it, but I’m sure it helps 🙂

Comment below and let me know what you got on What Flavor Greek Yogurt Are You? What do you think of your result? Is it accurate? And are you a fan of Greek yogurt? If so, what kind?

9 replies on “New Quiz: What Flavor Greek Yogurt Are You?”

I took the quiz more than once getting 3 different results (pomegrante cherry pineapple) and none of them describe me well. And I don’t know if you noticed or not but the quiz “what kind of names do you like” doesn’t show up on the list but it showed up in my inbox.

What do you think?

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