New Quiz: Are You a Print Book or an Ebook?

Are you a print or digital reader?
Are you a print or digital reader?

Anyone who visits my house knows I love to read. Mr. Blogthings and I have huge bookcases full of books, and we also have fairly big ebook collections. I don’t read nearly as much as I should (it never sounds like it’s going to be as fun as it actually is), but I still would list reading as one of my favorite pastimes. Reading is such an amazing way to enrich one’s life, and I firmly believe that you can’t be a good writer (even a quiz writer) without a hardcore reading habit.

I think many of you must agree, because you’ve requested more reading quizzes for Blogthings in 2013. I’m happy to comply! I wish we had more reading quizzes, but it’s been difficult for me to think of actual ideas. I don’t want to do individual based books because we all have different taste, but I definitely want to have more literary quizzes.

My latest quiz, Are You a Print Book or an eBook?, is an attempt to get a bit more reading love into Blogthings. I personally thought this was an interesting topic since I’m on the fence, and others seem to agree. Lots of strong opinions about this one! I own both print and ebooks in droves. My print books are my very special collection – favorites from over the years, classics I aspire to read, and rare little finds I’ve picked up in my travels. My ebook collection is a bit more general. I tend to use ebook buying for impulse purchases… as well as those guilty pleasure reads I might not want to showcase on my bookshelf 😉

So let me know, which are you: Are You a Print Book or an eBook?, I’m also curious to know what sort of reading / literary quizzes you’d like to see on Blogthings.

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I got eBook…

Which, did not surprise me since I have made that ‘transition’ more than two years ago…

I still love to buy some quality paper book to fill my bookshelves, though…

By the way, I know it’s a bit too late to say this, and I don’t know if you remember me from previous comments at all, but it’s good to see Blogthings ‘operating’ again, kari. I’ve missed it so much. So much, so that when in around August last year I still see no new quizzes posted, I figured (with a very broken heart) that you had discontinued the site. I don’t know what strike me to check this site again today, but I’m very,very.very happy to see that it’s once again operating…

I’m so glad to be back! I worked a lot on my programming skills on my year off. I’m excited to be making changes to Blogthings and writing new quizzes. Thanks for being such a great fan… I appreciate you checking back in 🙂

On book recommendations: I warmly recommend the book “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff – a true story feat. 20 years’ exchange of letters between an American author & a second-hand bookshop in London. The description of creme-colured covers, the smell of a book, the different bok-bindings, lots of interesting book titles – and the warm and humourous tune between the letter-writers makes one wanna arrange a separate room at home, filled with books only.

This looks like a lovely book! Thanks for the recommendation. I love books written especially for book lovers, and I also like what we in the states like to call “epistolary novels” – books written in the form of letter exchange.

Oh, that’s a wonderful book! (Her other books are charming, too. :))

Another books about books I love is “The Book on the Bookshelf” by Henry Petroski–it’s not charming, but it is a fascinating look at how our physical books and their shelves came to be the way they are.

You Are a Paper Book

I own family friendly books (reminds me of my childhood when times were better). I have books of Junie B. Jones, Heidi Heckelbeck, American girl McKenna, and Ramona Quimby (and 1 ramona and Beezus). I realize these books are somewhat girly but I don’t care, I like what I like. Just to be clear I’m not girly just different and somewhat unique and special, not to mention some of my interests conflict with each other.

Oh, I don’t think it’s girly at all. I think we all should be able to read whatever we like in life and not be judged for it… especially whatever gives us comfort 🙂

I am a big fan of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read them when I was growing up, and I still cherish owning them.

You Are a Paper Book (indeed I am!)

When it comes to reading, you really value quality over quantity. You are a devoted reader.
You don’t like to rush through anything you are reading. You like to get up close and personal with your books.

Paper books suit you best, even if they are pricier and more difficult to obtain. Like a good story, they are worth it for you.
Besides, there is nothing you like more than having a beautiful bookshelf full of books you love. No eBook can do that for you.

Quiz suggestions: What Does Your Favourite Reading Place Say About You?

I’d also love some kind of quiz where each question contains 3 different ways to describe a fiction sentence, you get to choose your fave & a result presenting what that says about you.

And how about an image quiz: Pic your favourite book cover (not published ones – fantasy ones).

Am sure that the other quiz takers may come up with some better ideas than these (not feeling very creative today), but it’s a highly interesting quiz topic.

These are great ideas! You are very creative today, I think 🙂

Love how they don’t require a certain book to be read or known. I really am into the idea of a quiz about reading places. Very evocative and cozy.

Thanks Blogthings! No I don’t believe in requiring that people should have read a certain books – leaving too many on the outside, independent of which book we’re talking about.

Am hoping for that “reading places” quizzes in the future. Bet you’ll get many different results from us quiz takers on that one.

Well, I guess my dilemma is solved. I just took this quiz and got eBook. I think that’s mostly right. I will still continue to buy the books I cherish in print though 😉 I will say that eBooks fit nicely into my plan of living in a beach bungalow one day.

What do you think?

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